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03.沒有署名 No name supplied

04.沒有署名 No name supplied

05.沒有署名 No name supplied

06.Ronald Yu, Bryan Mercurio, Chinese University of Hong Kong

07.來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity



10.David Gunson

11.Eleanor Jones


13.Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association Limited(香港數碼娛樂協會)

14.Mr Wong

15.來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity

16.The Societies' Council for the Collective Management of Performers' Rights


18.Hong Kong Copyright Forum(香港版權論壇)

19.JULAC Copyright Committee

20.Patrick Cummings

21.Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance

22.Asia Internet Coalition

23.John Larrysson

24.Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association(香港專業及資深行政人員協會)

25.Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society(香港書刊版權授權協會)



28.Pindar Wong

29.The Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners(香港商標師公會)

30.European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao

31.Motion Picture Licensing Company (International) Limited

32.The Law Society of Hong Kong(香港律師會)

33.The Hong Kong Copyright Licensing Association(香港複印授權協會)

34.The Society for Truth and Light(明光社)

35.International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations

36.International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers

37.Hong Kong Busking Association(香港街頭藝術協會)

38.Association of American Publishers

39.Centre for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia


41.HGC Global Communications Limited

42.Path of Democracy(民主思路)

43.The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

44.Music Publishers Association of Hong Kong Ltd

45.The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Limited

46.Television Broadcasts Limited(電視廣播有限公司)

47.SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited

48.The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

49.Hutchison Telephone Company Limited

50.Hong Kong Group of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association

51.HKBN Group

52.沒有署名 No name supplied

53.West Kowloon Cultural District Authority(西九文化區管理局)

54.Premier League

55.Asia Video Industry Association

56.PCCW & HKT Groups


58.Organization for Transformative Works



61.International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers

62.Hong Kong Bar Association

修訂日期: 2022年 4月 8日