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Hong Kong is renowned for its fast pace of life, so it's no wonder that Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) covers all tunnels and toll roads in Hong Kong. The Autotoll system eliminates the need for motorists to stop and pay tolls in cash. Vehicles equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Autotoll tag pass through a designated lane that has a tag reader installed. When a vehicle passes by the reader, the toll is deducted automatically from a pre-paid account – there is no need to stop the vehicle to make payment.
Smart card and Autotoll systems are also used in car parks and roadside parking facilities. Card readers installed at entrance and exit gates of car parks enable drivers to gain access to car parks and pay parking fees with a simple swipe of their smart card. Card readers are installed at roadside parking meters throughout Hong Kong. Selected car parks have also introduced the Autopark system, in essence an Autotoll system installed at car park entrance and exit gates. This system works the same way as Autotoll, allowing drivers to pay car park fees without even having to roll down the window!

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