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Hong Kong has long enjoyed a reputation as a "shoppers' paradise" and the "capital of genuine goods".


Raising brand integrity with product authentication using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides customers with a convenient way to verify product authenticity instantly as well as receive comprehensive and reliable product quality-related information, which enhances trust in the products being purchased. This in turn enables brand owners to strengthen their brand identity.


At selected stores selling valuable items such as bird's nest, product quality is of prime importance. RFID technology is applied to provide detailed product information to customers, thus offering necessary assurance on product quality. An RFID chip is contained in the packaging of products. By placing these products near self-service portals at shops, customers can view detailed product information including shelf life, country of origin, ingredients and packaging. Such RFID applications help local consumers and tourists build confidence in the goods they purchase in Hong Kong.


Contactless smart card applications are used at numerous residential and office buildings in Hong Kong. Many buildings have installed smart card security systems at entrance gates, where residents and workers simply swipe the card at a reader to gain access. The system eliminates the need to constantly change access codes, and helps save manpower resources.

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