Virtual Hosts - Awards

The innovative use of smart cards in Hong Kong has won various international and local awards – further recognition of Hong Kong's drive for a "Better City, Better Life" through the use of innovative technology.

Hong Kong Smart Identification (ID) Card
  • Top Prize, e-Government and Service Category, Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards, 2004


  1. Implementation Award, Card Technology Breakthrough Awards, United States’ Card Technology and Security Technology Conference and Exhibition, 2004 


  1. Gold Award, Application Category, 6th IT Excellence Award, the Hong Kong Computer Society, 2004


  1. The Champion, Team Awards of Innovation/Application of Technology, Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme, 2005 


  • Gold Award, e-Government (Best Transformation) Category, the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards, 2006 
  1. "Thirteen small steps to a significantly better world", Design Council Magazine, United Kingdom, 2006 - Titled 'The most versatile card ever?', the Design Council Magazine said Octopus had "revolutionised lives, inspiring London’s Oyster card."


  1. Chairman's Award, World Information Technology and Services Alliance Global IT Excellence Award, 2006 - "The world’s leading complex automatic fare collection and contactless smart card payment system"


  1. 1st UITP Secretariat General Award for Innovation in Public Transport, UITP International Association of Public Transport, 1999.


  • Asian Innovation Awards, Far Eastern Economic Review, 1998
RFID Enabled Truck Control System
  1. Hong Kong RFID Awards 2007
    1. Best Ubiquitous Networking (Bronze Award)
    2. Best Business Application (Certificate of Merit)


  • Hong Kong RFID Awards 2008
    • Best EPC/RFID Implementation (Gold Award)
    • Most Innovative EPC/RFID Products (Silver Award) by NEC
    • Most Innovative Use of EPC/RFID (Bronze Award)
Autotoll and AutoPark
  1. "The 1st Hong Kong Wireless Technology Excellence Awards - Wireless Enterprise Application Outstanding Award", 2005


  1. The "Certificate of Merit" in Service & Technology Innovative Award of Logistics Awards Hong Kong 2005


  1. The "Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Awards 2006: Wireless Technology - Enterprise Solution Silver Award"


  1. The "Prime Awards for Brand Excellence 2006 in Transport and Logistic Service"


  1. The "Certificate of Merit" in Service & Technology Innovative Award of Logistics Awards Hong Kong 2007


  1. ISO 9001 Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2008  Certificate