Virtual Hosts - Achievements
Hong Kong Smart Identification (ID) Card
By the end of 2009, more than 8.8 million Smart ID cards have been issued.
  1. More than 20 million Octopus cards are now in circulation – yet Hong Kong has a population of just 7 million.


  1. Hong Kong has the world's highest penetration of a commercial smart card system – 95% of Hong Kong people aged between 16 and 65 have at least one Octopus card each.


  1. World's most used smart card system – currently, over 11 million transactions a day, and growing.


  • Daily transaction value of HK$100 million.
Digital Certificate
  1. Digital certificates are special software files generally issued by Government-authorised entities or certification authorities to verify the identities of persons online.  The digital certificate used in Hong Kong is issued by Hongkong Post Certification Authority, which is backed by Government of HKSAR.


  • Digital certificates facilitate online transactions to be carried out in a secure and convenient environment. They have a wide range of applications including online shopping, auction and travel services, e-banking and online personal credit report services, online securities trading services and e-government services.
RFID Enabled Truck Control System
  1. RFID TCS reduced the need for manual processing and manpower resources. Savings on manpower resources are estimated at HK$8 million per year compared to manual processing.


  1. Capacity expanded when the system utilisation enabled greater throughput via each truck dock.


  • Queuing time of trucks was also significantly reduced improving service standards. Prior to the enhancement, the average queuing time was 13 minutes. After the launch of RFID enhanced TCS, queuing time dropped to 8 minutes, representing a 45% reduction.
Autotoll and AutoPark
  1. There are now 53 Autotoll lanes covering all toll roads and tunnels in Hong Kong, with over 240 000 customers using the Autotoll service each day.


  1. In 2006, Autotoll announced its collaboration with Guangdong Unitoll Collection Inc. to launch the "Autotoll-Unitoll Card", the first Hong Kong electronic toll card with a high technology chip that can be used on both Hong Kong and Guangdong highways. The card enables cross-boundary Autotoll customers to use the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service on all major highways and most toll roads in the Guangdong Province.


  • Over 20 000 motorists have registered for the AutoPark service, which now covers almost 100 service points in Hong Kong.