LED Façade

The sleek surface of the six-metre high exhibition structure was made up of LED and animated with interactive video graphics that were sensitive to the patterns of visitor flow.  Each pixel represented an individual entering the pavilion. 

Throughout the Shanghai Expo period, there were a total of 7 unique thematic graphics rotationally shown on the facade so as to showcase the various unique aspects of Hong Kong.  They include: 

Bauhinia to demonstrate the floral emblem of Hong Kong
Hong Kong airline route map to demonstrate Hong Kong as a metropolitan in Asia and being well connected to the rest of the world
Hong Kong MTR system map to demonstrate the well developed public transport infrastructure which brings efficiency to Hong Kong people's daily lives


Smart card to demonstrate the convenience and efficiency brought by the application of smart card and to tie in with the theme of the UBPA exhibition
Hong Kong financial industry to demonstrate Hong Kong as an international financial centre
Contour of Hong Kong landscape to demonstrate the most memorable scenery of Hong Kong
Film to demonstrate the renowned Film industry of Hong Kong.