Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
SCED's speech at Welcome Ceremony for the 40-Millionth Visitor to Hong Kong (English only) 21-12-2011
Government announces consultation findings on review of operation and regulatory framework of tourism sector and proposed way forward 20-12-2011
SCED to attend WTO 8th Ministerial Conference 14-12-2011
LC: Complaints relating to shops suspected of selling fake medicine 14-12-2011
LC: Price data across districts 14-12-2011
LC: Measures to assist small and medium enterprises amidst global financial turmoil 14-12-2011
LC: Phone-in programmes of Radio Television Hong Kong 14-12-2011
SCED's speech at Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong Award Ceremony (English only) 12-12-2011
Speech by SCED at "Hong Kong to the World" Global Launch Ceremony (English only) 08-12-2011
LC: Complaints relating to travel club membership 07-12-2011
SCED's speech at Asian Competition Forum Conference (English only) 05-12-2011
SCED's speech at UBS Hong Kong Open 2011 Prize Presentation Ceremony (English only) 04-12-2011
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Design Centre Annual Awards Gala Dinner (English only) 02-12-2011
LC: Supply and prices of rice 30-11-2011
LC: Protection for consumers who bought travel packages 30-11-2011
Speech by SCED at DETOUR 2011 opening ceremony (English only) 25-11-2011
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Hotels Association 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner (English only) 24-11-2011
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2011 opening ceremony (English only) 23-11-2011
SCED's Office, CTB and ITC relocated 21-11-2011
SCED attends APEC Ministerial Meeting and hosts reception in Honolulu 12-11-2011
Speech by SCED at reception in Honolulu, Hawaii (English only) 12-11-2011
SCED to attend APEC Ministerial Meeting in Honolulu 09-11-2011
LC: Tourism development on Lantau 09-11-2011
LC: Measures to assist Hong Kong enterprises 09-11-2011
LC: Internet Learning Support Programme 09-11-2011
Hong Kong aims to drive economic growth with innovation and technology development 05-11-2011
SCED's speech at Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition gala wine dinner and award presentation (English only) 03-11-2011
LC: Online group purchases 02-11-2011
LC: Complaints on billing of telecommunications services 02-11-2011
LC: Free newspaper containing indecent content 02-11-2011
SCED's transcript on Competition Bill 29-10-2011
LC: New cruise terminal at Kai Tak 26-10-2011
LC: Sales practices of subscription television services 26-10-2011
LC: Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine 26-10-2011
LC: Assessment criteria of Mega Events Fund 26-10-2011
LC: Tourist attractions in Hong Kong 26-10-2011
LC: Assistance to small and medium enterprises in relieving capital flow problems 26-10-2011
OGCIO launches campaign to promote web accessibility 25-10-2011
SCED's transcript on Competition Bill 18-10-2011
Digital audio broadcasting network sharing arrangements confirmed 13-10-2011
Appointments to Advisory Committee on review of the patent system in Hong Kong 11-10-2011
Government launches consultation on review of the patent system in Hong Kong 04-10-2011
SCED attends inter-ministries joint conference on Qianhai in Beijing 27-09-2011
SCED to attend Expo Central China 2011 in Taiyuan 25-09-2011
SCED congratulates Deanie Ip on winning best actress award at Venice Film Festival 11-09-2011
Government response on RTHK's development as public service broadcaster 09-09-2011
SCED to attend HKTB Taipei Office opening ceremony 05-09-2011
Sixth meeting of Mainland/Hong Kong Science and Technology Co-operation Committee 30-08-2011
SCED leads delegation to visit Chengdu 29-08-2011
SCED's speech at inauguration of General Electric Company Global Growth and Operations Office (English only) 26-08-2011
SCED responds to media enquiries 30-07-2011
Dedicated unit set up to facilitate data centre development in Hong Kong 25-07-2011
SCED congratulates CUHK professor on winning international research awards 14-07-2011
LC: Selling of parallel imported products as products imported through official dealers 13-07-2011
LC: Protection of consumer rights in telecommunications service 13-07-2011
LC: Information security 06-07-2011
LegCo passes Communications Authority Bill 30-06-2011
LC: Broadcast of Legislative Council meetings by Radio Television Hong Kong 29-06-2011
LC: Copyright infringement of news reports among media organisations 29-06-2011
LC: Complaints on unfair trade practices in sale of products or pre-paid services 29-06-2011
Transcript of remarks by SCED 28-06-2011
CE speaks on appointment of SCED 28-06-2011
New Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development appointed 28-06-2011
LCQ20: Development of piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui 22-06-2011
Acting SCED to attend Free Trade Agreement signing ceremony in Liechtenstein 20-06-2011
Results of mid-term review of sound broadcasting licences announced 17-06-2011
Opening remarks by former PSCT at LegCo Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting special meeting 16-06-2011
Opening remarks by former DGCIO at LegCo Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting 16-06-2011
LC: Domestic free television programme service licence applications 15-06-2011
LC: Reception of digital terrestrial television and analogue television signals 15-06-2011
LC: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine 15-06-2011
LC: Complaints relating to electrical appliances supplied by traders 08-06-2011
LC: Regulation of outbound tour escorts and tourist guides 08-06-2011
LC: Declaration Charges and Clothing Industry Training Levy 08-06-2011
LC: Internet Learning Support Programme 08-06-2011
Opening remarks by PSCT at Legco Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting special meeting 07-06-2011
Opening remarks by Acting SCED at Legco Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting special meeting 07-06-2011
Government to introduce Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 02-06-2011
LC: Quality Tourism Services Scheme 01-06-2011
Acting SCED to attend OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in France 25-05-2011
LC: Cheung Chau Bun Festival 25-05-2011
LC: Keeping of animals in Ocean Park 25-05-2011
LC: Internet Learning Support Programme 25-05-2011
Speech by Acting SCED at cocktail reception for Africa Day Celebration (English only) 24-05-2011
Acting SCED to attend APEC ministerial meetings in US 17-05-2011
LC: Online group purchases 11-05-2011
LC: Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine 11-05-2011
LC: Patent system in Hong Kong 11-05-2011
LC: Consumption with pre-payment 04-05-2011
Speech by the Acting SCED at 19th Consumers International World Congress 2011 reception (English only) 03-05-2011
Government launches consultation on review of operation and regulatory framework of tourism sector in Hong Kong 29-04-2011
Awards recognise remarkable achievements in ICT 15-04-2011
LC: Handling emergencies concerning outbound travel 13-04-2011
Foundation stone laid for New Cruise Terminal Building at Kai Tak 08-04-2011
Mrs Rita Lau resigns SCED post 08-04-2011
Speech by Acting SCED at World Summit Award 2011 Grand Jury - Hong Kong opening ceremony (English only) 08-04-2011
LC: Information technology units in some government departments/organisations 06-04-2011
Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee members appointed 01-04-2011
Speech by Acting SCED at Prime Source Forum 2011 (English only) 31-03-2011
LC: Impact of the recent political instability and natural disasters in other countries 30-03-2011
SCED on sick leave 25-03-2011
DBC, Metro and Phoenix U granted sound broadcasting licences 24-03-2011
Speech by Acting SCED at Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards Ceremony (English only) 23-03-2011
Acting SCED's speaking points (commerce, industry and tourism areas) at LegCo Finance Committee Special Meeting 21-03-2011
Acting SCED's speaking points (communications and technology areas) at LegCo Special Finance Committee Meeting 21-03-2011
LC: Combating pricing frauds 16-03-2011
LC: Finance and resources allocation of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong 09-03-2011
SCED to visit Germany and Spain 05-03-2011
LCQ: Tourism development of Lantau 02-03-2011
LCQ: Regulation of travel industry 23-02-2011
LCQ: Development of piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui 23-02-2011
SCED speaks on regulation of travel agents receiving Mainland tour groups 07-02-2011
SCED to attend informal ministerial meeting in Davos to review progress of WTO negotiations 27-01-2011
SCED shares birthday joy with visually-impaired centenarian 26-01-2011
Speech by SCED at Make a Difference Forum 2011 cocktail reception (English only) 21-01-2011
SCED visits Yuen Long District 14-01-2011
Speech by SCED at Israeli Film Festival 2011 opening ceremony (English only) 11-01-2011
LC: Manpower arrangement of RTHK 05-01-2011
LC: Security of government sensitive information 05-01-2011