Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
Government announces appointment to Board of Ocean Park Corporation 24-12-2010
LC: Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival 15-12-2010
LC: Complaints related to billing of telecommunications services 08-12-2010
LC: Hong Kong Tourism Board's partnership with local travel trade 08-12-2010
LC: Development of cruise tourism 08-12-2010
LC: Broadcast of international sports events 08-12-2010
SCED congratulates SCHSA on winning global ICT award 07-12-2010
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Design Centre annual awards gala dinner (English only) 03-12-2010
LC: Quality of Hong Kong's tourist guides 01-12-2010
Speech by SCED at DETOUR 2010 opening ceremony (English only) 26-11-2010
Broadcasting Authority appointments announced 26-11-2010
LC: Privileges and immunities granted to Hong Kong ETOs 24-11-2010
SCED to visit Israel to promote investment and technology collaboration 19-11-2010
LC: Small and medium enterprises funding schemes 17-11-2010
Transformation of Former Police Married Quarters into "PMQ" 15-11-2010
LC: Copying and distribution offence under Copyright Ordinance 10-11-2010
SCED to attend APEC Ministerial Meeting in Japan 08-11-2010
InnoCarnival to promote innotech culture 06-11-2010
Speech by SCED at Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit 05-11-2010
Digital audio broadcasting takes new step forward 05-11-2010
Speech by SCED at international wine fair dinner (English only) 04-11-2010
LC: "Be NetWise" Internet education campaign 03-11-2010
Fifth meeting of Mainland/Hong Kong Science and Technology Co-operation Committee 27-10-2010
SCED: Wine MOU with Portugal uncorks new business opportunities 22-10-2010
LC: Progress of tourism development projects and conservation of rural areas with tourism value 20-10-2010
SCED opens HK Films Retrospective 2010 in Shanghai 18-10-2010
SCED to promote Hong Kong films in Shanghai 17-10-2010
Government welcomes TIC task force proposal 11-10-2010
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association 30th anniversary gala dinner (English only) 07-10-2010
Speech by SCED at IAF World Apparel Convention (English only) 06-10-2010
Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee members appointed 30-09-2010
SCED's speech at Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2010 opening ceremony (English only) 28-09-2010
Speech by SCED at Asia-Pacific Ireland Business Forum (English only) 24-09-2010
SCED opens ICT Elite Forum for Shanghai Expo 14-09-2010
SCED to attend HK ICT Week in Shanghai 13-09-2010
Government appoints new Broadcasting Authority member 27-08-2010
SCED to curtail official visit 23-08-2010
SCED to visit Denmark, Sweden and Italy 20-08-2010
Appointments to RTHK Board of Advisors and promulgation of Charter 13-08-2010
SCED to attend APEC High-Level Policy Round Table in Japan 06-08-2010
Ngong Ping Piazza opens today 02-08-2010
SCED to meet with CNTA officials in Beijing 30-07-2010
SCED congratulates advertising agencies on winning international awards 29-07-2010
SCED speaks on regulation of travel industry 22-07-2010
Public Consultation Paper on Legislation to Enhance Protection for Consumers Against Unfair Trade Practices 15-07-2010
Government starts consultation on legislative proposals to enhance consumer protection 15-07-2010
LC: DesignSmart Initiative 07-07-2010
Competition Bill gazetted 02-07-2010
LC: Application of cloud computing 30-06-2010
Appointments to Board of Ocean Park Corporation announced 25-06-2010
LC: Development of data centres in Hong Kong 23-06-2010
Communications Authority Bill to be introduced 18-06-2010
SCED's speech at opening ceremony of 24th International Travel Expo and 5th MICE, Business and Incentive Travel Expo (English only) 10-06-2010
LC: Assistance to small and medium enterprises 09-06-2010
LC: Broadcasting arrangements for 2010 World Cup matches 09-06-2010
SCED to attend APEC ministerial meeting in Japan 04-06-2010
SCED speaks on regulation of the travel industry 03-06-2010
SCED visits Tuen Mun District 03-06-2010
Acting SCED's transcript on shopping-related complaints by tourists 02-06-2010
LC: Combating computer virus 02-06-2010
LC: Protecting consumers who make prepayment for services 02-06-2010
SCED: Leverage on Shanghai Expo to showcase Hong Kong design 01-06-2010
SCED congratulates Mobile Link Service on winning international award 30-05-2010
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development to kick off tourism promotion campaign in Shanghai 30-05-2010
LC: Security of Wi-Fi facilities in government venues 26-05-2010
LC: Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong 26-05-2010
Wine MOU with US states of Oregon and Washington unlocks new opportunities for industry 24-05-2010
LC: Tackling unfair trade practices 19-05-2010
LC: Access of fiber-based networks to buildings 19-05-2010
HK-US MOU on wine marks closer bilateral ties 17-05-2010
SCED's speech at luncheon in honour of US Secretary of Commerce (English only) 17-05-2010
Hong Kong and Kuwait sign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement and Economic and Technical Co-operation Agreement 13-05-2010
LC: Assisting people with disabilities in using information and communications technology 12-05-2010
LC: Operation of Asia Television Limited 12-05-2010
2010 HK/Mainland Tourism Working Meeting held in Hong Kong 10-05-2010
Contract signed to start construction of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building 08-05-2010
LCQ16: Mechanism of Quality Tourism Services Scheme to handle travellers' complaints 05-05-2010
LCQ4: Development of convention and exhibition industry 05-05-2010
Transcript of remarks by SCED at media session 03-05-2010
SCED encourages young ambassadors to enjoy Expo experience 01-05-2010
LC: Mechanism to handle travellers' complaints 28-04-2010
LC: Labour supply for Hong Kong hotel industry 28-04-2010
LC: Handling unforeseen tourism incidents 21-04-2010
LC: Special Loan Guarantee Scheme 21-04-2010
SCED inspects HK's preparation for UBPA Exhibition in Shanghai Expo 15-04-2010
LCQ16: Assistance to inbound visitors 14-04-2010
LCQ4: Chargeable mobile content services 14-04-2010
Consultation report released on RTHK's future operation as public service broadcaster 01-04-2010
Speech by SCED at Prime Source Forum 2010 (English only) 30-03-2010
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong and New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony (English only) 29-03-2010
Speech by SCED at Award Presentation Ceremony of Third Hong Kong Mobile Film Production Contest (English only) 25-03-2010
SCED's speaking points at LegCo Finance Committee Special Meeting (commerce, industry and tourism areas) 22-03-2010
SCED's opening remarks at LegCo Special Finance Committee Meeting (communications and technology areas) 22-03-2010
SCED attends "On Your Marks, Get-set, Go!" seminar in Guangzhou 22-03-2010
SCED's speech at grand final of Fashion World Talent Awards (English only) 19-03-2010
Proposals invited to transform Former Police Married Quarters into creative industries landmark 19-03-2010
LCQ12: Countering hacking activities 17-03-2010
LCQ3: Hong Kong enterprises operating express delivery service within the Mainland 17-03-2010
Appointments of chairman and members of Hong Kong Tourism Board 12-03-2010
LC: Disabled staff members of Hong Kong Disneyland 10-03-2010
SCMA and SCED lead delegation to visit Taichung City this week 03-03-2010
LC: Monitoring financial situation of travel agents 03-03-2010
LC: Accuracy of Hong Kong Observatory's weather forecasts 03-03-2010
SCED looks at creative industry development in Japan 01-03-2010
SCED to visit Japan 26-02-2010
LC: Local one-day tours 24-02-2010
LC: Hong Kong courier enterprises operating on the Mainland 24-02-2010
SCED speaks on RTHK 23-02-2010
Hong Kong Film Wins the Crystal Bear in Berlin 21-02-2010
Implementation plans for digital audio broadcasting and mobile TV services announced 11-02-2010
HK and Mainland sign agreement on customs facilitation measures for wine 09-02-2010
SCED: Geopark a new attraction for tourists 06-02-2010
LC: Combating sale of counterfeit goods 03-02-2010
SCED's speech at opening of International Conference on Aeronautical Meteorology (English only) 03-02-2010
Speech by SCED at 2010 International Customs Day Reception (English only) 26-01-2010
Speech by SCED at 60th anniversary of India's Republic Day luncheon (English only) 26-01-2010
Speech by SCED at Bruce Lee's Residence Ideas Competition prize presentation cum exhibition opening ceremony 23-01-2010
Speech by SCED at Customer Service Excellence Award Presentation Ceremony (English only) 22-01-2010
LC: Cracking down on unfair trade practices 20-01-2010
LC: Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting 20-01-2010
SCED speaks on Hong Kong Disneyland financial performance 19-01-2010
LC: Domestic free television programme service licence 06-01-2010