Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
SCED speaks on Kai Tak Cruise Terminal 23-12-2009
Site formation works for Kai Tak Cruise Terminal begin 23-12-2009
LC: Consumer protection 16-12-2009
SCED encourages students to contribute to Hong Kong's innovation and technology development 16-12-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Exporters' Association Christmas luncheon (English only) 11-12-2009
LC: Development of wine-related businesses 09-12-2009
LC: Patent registration system 09-12-2009
Hong Kong and Malaysia sign Joint Declaration on Strengthening Economic Co-operation 02-12-2009
LC: Generic Code of Practice on Television Advertising Standards 02-12-2009
LC: Utilisation of exhibition facilities 02-12-2009
Statement by SCED at World Trade Organization Seventh Ministerial Conference Opening Session (English only) 30-11-2009
SCED to attend WTO 7th Ministerial Conference 27-11-2009
SCED expresses deep condolences on death of veteran broadcaster 27-11-2009
SCED's speech at Seminar on Engineering Projects Development in ASEAN Member Countries (English only) 25-11-2009
SCED meets Bruce Lee's daughter on restoration of residence 25-11-2009
Agreement reached on details of facilitation measures for wine exported from Hong Kong to Mainland 23-11-2009
SCED to visit Beijing 22-11-2009
LC: Implementation of CEPA 18-11-2009
LC: Pyramid selling activities 18-11-2009
SCED's speech at a reception in Singapore (English only) 13-11-2009
LC: Waiver fee for berthing of cruise vessels at container terminals 11-11-2009
LC: Complaints on billing of telecommunications services 11-11-2009
Speech by SCED at GS1 Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit (English only) 10-11-2009
SCED to attend APEC meetings in Singapore 10-11-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong International Computer Conference (English only) 05-11-2009
Speech by Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development at Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition award presentation ceremony(English only) 04-11-2009
LC: Arrangements of delivering the charge information 04-11-2009
LC: Issue of Tropical Cyclone Warnings and Fire Danger Warnings by Hong Kong Observatory 04-11-2009
LC: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Phase 3 development 04-11-2009
LC: Illegal provision of tourist guide services in Hong Kong 28-10-2009
Speech by SCED at signing ceremony of Hong Kong-New Zealand Arrangement on Co-operation on Wine-related Business (English only) 28-10-2009
Hong Kong signs wine agreement with New Zealand 28-10-2009
Speech by SCED at launch ceremony of ICT Career Centre (English only) 27-10-2009
SCED's transcript on consumer right protection 09-10-2009
Speech by SCED at 50th anniversary gala luncheon of SGS Hong Kong Ltd 28-09-2009
Fourth meeting of Science and Technology Co-operation Committee 25-09-2009
SCED to attend Mainland/HK Science and Technology Co-operation Committee meeting 23-09-2009
RTHK to fulfil mission as public service broadcaster 22-09-2009
SCED visits testing company 17-09-2009
SCED visits Tsuen Wan district 15-09-2009
Ambassadors for territory-wide Internet education campaign sought 29-07-2009
CEDB's statement on Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill 2009 27-07-2009
CEDB's response to concerns of RTHK staff 27-07-2009
SCED to visit Ganzhou 27-07-2009
SCED's speech at business luncheon in Singapore 23-07-2009
SCED concludes visit to Singapore 23-07-2009
Creative ideas invited to restore Bruce Lee's residence 20-07-2009
SCED to attend APEC ministerial meeting in Singapore 19-07-2009
LC: Tenancy position of Hong Kong Science Park 08-07-2009
LC: Employment of information technology staff by Government 08-07-2009
LC: Renewal of tourist guide pass 08-07-2009
SCED congratulates award-winning advertising agency 07-07-2009
Hong Kong and Finland sign Agreement for Promotion and Protection of Investments 02-07-2009
Government announces expansion plan for Hong Kong Disneyland 30-06-2009
SCED visits Finland to sign investment promotion and protection agreement 30-06-2009
SCED calls for UK/HK collaboration in developing creative industries 28-06-2009
HK joins call for resistance to protectionism and early conclusion of Doha Round negotiations 26-06-2009
LC: Financial assistance for local exhibitors 24-06-2009
LC: Protecting consumers who make prepayment for services 24-06-2009
LC: Person-to-person telemarketing calls 24-06-2009
SCED to attend OECD meeting in Paris and visit London 23-06-2009
LC: Training courses organised by Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong 17-06-2009
LC: Public computer facilities 17-06-2009
LCQ19: Impact of financial tsunami and Influenza A (H1N1) on travel and related industries 10-06-2009
LCQ2: Operation of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong 10-06-2009
SCED's speech at opening ceremony of workshop on transfers regime of Chemical Weapons Convention (with photo) 10-06-2009
SCED calls for scientific research collaboration and IT partnership (with photos) 06-06-2009
Speech by SCED at HK Innovation and Technology Summit (English only) 05-06-2009
SCED visits leading high-tech enterprises in Silicon Valley 05-06-2009
Acting SCED expresses deep regret on death of Sek Kin 04-06-2009
LC: Measures to assist tourism industry 03-06-2009
LC: Coverage of mobile services 03-06-2009
SCED to visit the US 01-06-2009
LC: Waiver of travel agents' licence fee 27-05-2009
LC: Assisting Hong Kong enterprises in tapping Mainland market and in upgrading and restructuring 27-05-2009
LC: Assisting Hong Kong brands to develop the Mainland market 27-05-2009
SCED speaks at Universal Postal Union e-Commerce Conference (Hong Kong) (English only) 21-05-2009
LC: Aberdeen Tourism Project 20-05-2009
LC: Loan guarantee schemes and measures to assist enterprises 20-05-2009
LC: New cruise terminal at Kai Tak 20-05-2009
SCED speaks at "China Night: Celebration of 100 Years of Hong Kong Cinema" reception in Cannes (with photos) (English only) 17-05-2009
Hong Kong signs MOU with Italy on co-operation in wine-related businesses (with photos) 14-05-2009
LC: Digital Terrestrial Television 13-05-2009
LC: Unlicensed operation of travel agents' businesses 13-05-2009
LC: Regulation of inappropriate trade practices 13-05-2009
SCED to visit Italy and France 11-05-2009
LC: Promote cruise tourism 06-05-2009
Speech by SCED at 2009 International Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (English only) 06-05-2009
Government supports Hong Kong enterprises tap Mainland domestic market (with photos) 25-04-2009
Speech by SCED at Internet Professional Association 10th Anniversary Dinner (English only) 24-04-2009
LC: Usage of facilities at Chek Lap Kok Air Mail Centre 22-04-2009
LC: Services for cruise travellers visiting Hong Kong 22-04-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Houseware Fair (English only) 20-04-2009
SCED's speech at a lunch after the signing of Hong Kong-Australia MOU on Co-operation in Wine-related Businesses (with photo) (English only) 16-04-2009
Speech by SCED at signing ceremony of Hong Kong-Australia MOU on Co-operation in Wine-related Businesses (English only) 16-04-2009
HK and Australia bolster wine business co-operation (with photos) 16-04-2009
SCED visits Sha Tin District (with photos) 07-04-2009
Transcript of remarks by SCED on creative industries 04-04-2009
LC: Wine storage facilities 01-04-2009
Speech by SCED at Prime Source Forum (English only) 01-04-2009
SCED and Yu Pang-lin meets to exchange views on restoration of Bruce Lee's former residence 27-03-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Computer Society Outstanding IT Achiever Awards (English only) 26-03-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival Award presentation ceremony (English only) 26-03-2009
LC: Pirated copies and parallel-imported copies of copyright works 18-03-2009
LC: Role of Hong Kong Trade Development Council 18-03-2009
LC: Film Development Fund 11-03-2009
LC: Regulations on content of different media 11-03-2009
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office begins operation in Berlin 09-03-2009
Creative industry talent nurturing key to SCED's study visit 07-03-2009
SCED starts her visit to France 05-03-2009
LC: Special Loan Guarantee Scheme 04-03-2009
LC: Gifts of precious species from the Mainland to the Ocean Park 04-03-2009
SCED visits France to see creative and innovation technology development 03-03-2009
SCED: E-services for IP registration well-received 02-03-2009
SCED's speech at Top e-Filers' Award Presentation Ceremony (English only) 02-03-2009
Government dedicated to developing Hong Kong as creative city (with photos) 28-02-2009
SCED welcomes revitalising historic buildings for nurturing creative sector and promoting tourism 17-02-2009
LC: Measures to assist tourism industry 25-02-2009
LC: Combating counterfeit wine 18-02-2009
LC: Enhancing co-operation between service industries in Hong Kong and Guangdong 18-02-2009
LC: Special Loan Guarantee Scheme 04-02-2009
LC: Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance 04-02-2009
LC: Regulating contents of advertisements 04-02-2009
SCED speaks on ATV shareholding changes 30-01-2009
SCED visits ethnic minority pupils and young patients 23-01-2009
LC: Radio base stations 14-01-2009
LC: Statistics on production activities of HK-owned enterprises in Mainland 14-01-2009
LC: Declaration charges for imports and exports 14-01-2009
LC: Development of a Bruce Lee memorial hall 14-01-2009
Speech by SCED at Customer Service Excellence Award presentation ceremony (English only) 13-01-2009
Speech by SCED at Conference of Hong Kong Innovation Project (English only) 09-01-2009
LC: Credit risk ratings adopted by Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation 07-01-2009
LC: Sightseeing facilities in Aberdeen 07-01-2009
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong International Toys Festival seminar (English only) 07-01-2009