Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
SCED speaks on ATV's senior management changes 16-12-2008
Speech by SCED at gala dinner of Business of Design Week (English only) 12-12-2008
Speech by SCED at gala dinner of Asian-Oceania Computing Industry Organisation ICT Summit (English only) 11-12-2008
China's Intellectual Property Strategy Forum held today 11-12-2008
LC: Public service broadcasting 10-12-2008
LC: Entry arrangements for visitors from Mainland and Taiwan 10-12-2008
LC: Ngong Ping 360 ticket price adjustment 10-12-2008
Speech by SCED at Asian-Oceania Computing Industry Organisation ICT Summit 2008 (English only) 10-12-2008
SCED's speech at opening ceremony of World SME Expo and Inno Design Tech Expo (English only) 10-12-2008
LC: Administration of Internet domain names 03-12-2008
LC: Risk ratings assigned to emerging markets by ECIC 03-12-2008
LC: Tourism facilities in Repulse Bay 03-12-2008
Speech by SCED at Intellectual Property Rights Protection Alliance reception (English only) 01-12-2008
SCED's speech at 2008 Hong Kong WinterFest launching ceremony 28-11-2008
LC: Person-to-person telemarketing calls 26-11-2008
Speech by SCED at business luncheon in Vancouver 26-11-2008
SCED shares Hong Kong "game plan" with Canadian businesses 26-11-2008
LC: Anti-competitive conduct 19-11-2008
LC: SME Loan Guarantee Scheme 19-11-2008
LC: Agencies responsible for promoting Hong Kong overseas 19-11-2008
SCED's speech at business luncheon in Los Angeles (English only) 18-11-2008
SCED promotes Hong Kong in US 18-11-2008
LC: Shop rentals 12-11-2008
SCED speaks on further support measures for SMEs 10-11-2008
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Institute of Directors (English only) 07-11-2008
LC: Assistance to SMEs 05-11-2008
LC: Weather information 05-11-2008
LC: Safety of cosmetic and skin care products 05-11-2008
LC: Weekly Price Survey project of Consumer Council 05-11-2008
Light-handed regulatory approach key to Hong Kong's success in advanced communications 03-11-2008
Speech by SCED at 39th International Institute of Communications Annual Conference (English only) 03-11-2008
LC: Assistance to small shop tenants 29-10-2008
LC: Rice Prices 29-10-2008
SCED continues the Chengdu visit 26-10-2008
SCED speaks on enhanced measures to support SMEs 23-10-2008
LCQ: Loss of mail items 22-10-2008
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2008 and Electronic Asia 2008 Joint Opening Ceremony (English only) 13-10-2008
Speech by SCED at opening ceremony for Hong Kong RFID Centre (English only) 09-10-2008
Government supports developing radio frequency identification technology 09-10-2008
SCED: Government to help processing trade adapt to Mainland policy adjustments 26-09-2008
Speech by SCED at opening ceremony of HKICC 2008 (English only) 25-09-2008
SCED's speech at 25th anniversary celebration dinner of Hong Kong Retail Management Association (English only) 22-09-2008
SCED's speech at Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong Institute of Architect's exhibition in Venice Architecture Biennale (English only) 13-09-2008
SCED kicks off Hong Kong exhibition at Architecture Biennale in Venice 13-09-2008
Hong Kong's creative industries and trade opportunities promoted in Italy 12-09-2008
SCED praises council for consumer protection work 08-09-2008
SCED congratulates award-winning comic illustrator 29-08-2008
Director of Broadcasting (Designate) speaks on his appointment 07-08-2008
SCED's remarks on outcome of DDA ministerial meetings 30-07-2008
SCED meets WTO Director-General in Geneva 20-07-2008
SCED meets Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs 19-07-2008
Remarks by Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development 12-07-2008
Re-tender for development of a new cruise terminal in Hong Kong 09-07-2008
SCED on tender exercise for development of new cruise terminal 09-07-2008
LC: Reception of signals of satellite television programme channels 09-07-2008
LC: Support to Hong Kong-owned enterprises regarding Labour Contract Law 09-07-2008
LC: Fixed-mobile interconnection charge arrangement 02-07-2008
LC: Changes of FMIC tariff 02-07-2008
SCED's speech at signing ceremony of Consumers International World Congress 2011 in Hong Kong (English only) 27-06-2008
LC: Administration of Internet domain names in Hong Kong 25-06-2008
Resignation of SCED 24-06-2008
CEDB requests Ngong Ping 360 to improve notification mechanis 23-06-2008
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development speaks on hotel incident 20-06-2008
LCQ13: Postal services 18-06-2008
Speech by SCED at Asian Competition Forum - Workshop on the Government's Competition Law Proposals (English only) 12-06-2008
LC: Exemptions and exclusions under proposed competition law 11-06-2008
LC: Web accessibility 11-06-2008
LC: Using IT to further enhance efficiency and convenience of public services 11-06-2008
LC: Studies on tourism 04-06-2008
Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development assumes post 02-06-2008
HK and Peru sign joint statement on trade and economic relations 31-05-2008
LC: Combating circumvention of technological measures used to protect copyright works 28-05-2008
LC: Information security regulations and policies 28-05-2008
LC: Impact of "Three Direct Links" on Hong Kong 21-05-2008
LC: Efforts in assisting local film industry in opening up Mainland market 21-05-2008
LC: Enactment of a competition law 21-05-2008
Creative Hong Kong showcased at Shenzhen cultural industries fair 16-05-2008
LC: Price surveys of Consumer Council 14-05-2008
LC: Spatial Data Infrastructure 14-05-2008
LC: Ngong Ping 360 operation 14-05-2008
Creative Hong Kong to be showcased at Shenzhen cultural industries fair 13-05-2008
Government issues consultation document for competition law proposals 06-05-2008
LC: Do-not-call registers 30-04-2008
SCED's speech at 7th APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications and Information Industry (English only) 24-04-2008
SCED meets Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister 24-04-2008
Market-driven approach fosters competitive telecom industry: SCED 24-04-2008
LC: Provision of television programme services or internal information by private residential estates to their residents 23-04-2008
LC: e-Certs embedded in smart ID cards 23-04-2008
LC: Install Wi-Fi equipment on facilities in public streets 16-04-2008
SCED's speech at Joint Opening Ceremony of the Electronics Fair 2008 (Spring Edition) and the International ICT Expo 2008 (English only) 14-04-2008
LC: Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting 09-04-2008
SCED speaks on rice supply 07-04-2008
SCED's speech at SuperStar Virgo arrival welcoming ceremony (English only) 02-04-2008
SCED's speech at Prime Source Forum luncheon (English only) 01-04-2008
Government Wi-Fi programme officially launched 27-03-2008
Innovation and Technology Committee briefed on R&D growth in business sector 13-03-2008
LC: Proper use of Internet 12-03-2008
SCED visits Kwai Tsing District 05-03-2008
LC: Protecting interests of consumers of telecommunications services 05-03-2008
LC: Classification system for electronic toy products 05-03-2008
LC: Enforcement of COIAO 05-03-2008
SCED's speech at Intellectual Property Department Open Day (English only) 04-03-2008
SCED officiates at fifth IPD Open Day 04-03-2008
LC: Patents and registered designs 27-02-2008
LC: Management of telephone numbers 27-02-2008
LC: GovWiFi Programme 20-02-2008
Government boosts public respect for intellectual property rights 16-02-2008
LC: Measures to prevent sale of unsafe goods on the market 30-01-2008
LC: Assessment of bids for development of new cruise terminal at Kai Tak 30-01-2008
Government conducts further consultation on mobile TV services 29-01-2008
LC: Internet protocol 23-01-2008
LC: Functions of smart ID cards 23-01-2008
LC: Grain flour supply from the Mainland 23-01-2008
LC: Facilities in public streets and government properties for installing Wi-Fi devices 16-01-2008
Hong Kong and Canada sign Memorandum of Understanding on investment promotion co-operation 11-01-2008
SCED speaks on unlicensed broadcast by Citizens' Radio 10-01-2008
LC: IT usage in business sector 09-01-2008
LC: Rental licensing schemes for films and comic books 09-01-2008
LC: Public comments made by adjudicators of Obscene Articles Tribunal 09-01-2008
Speech by SCED at Hong Kong Toys Council Annual Dinner (English only) 07-01-2008