Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
SCED congratulates cartoon award winners 19-07-2007
SCED's speech at Forum on Investment in China and Africa on Role of Hong Kong (English only) 17-07-2007
LC: Incident of Ngong Ping Skyrail 11-07-2007
LC: "Bundled" lease terms 04-07-2007
LC: Access to Government services over the Internet 27-06-2007
LC: Online Government forms 27-06-2007
Letters from SCIT Mr Joseph Wong 23-06-2007
Speech by SCIT at HKSAR 10th Anniversary Reception in London (English only) 20-06-2007
LC: Posting hyperlinks on Internet forum 20-06-2007
SCIT speaks about RTHK 14-06-2007
LC: Reception of CCTV programmes 13-06-2007
LC: Complaints about telecommunications and pay television services 13-06-2007
Speech by SCIT at APEC Symposium on Trade Facilitation 2007 (English only) 04-06-2007
SCIT speaks at Journalists Association's anniversary gala dinner 03-06-2007
Speech by SCIT at HKSAR 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Tokyo (English only) 31-05-2007
Speech by SCIT at HKSAR 10th Anniversary Symposium in Tokyo (English only) 31-05-2007
Speech by SCIT at HKSAR 10th Anniversary Reception in Seoul (English only) 30-05-2007
LC: Legal liabilities for publishing information on Internet 30-05-2007
LC: Name of new policy bureau 30-05-2007
LC: Innovation and Technology Fund Internship Programme 23-05-2007
LC: Information security of wireless network 23-05-2007
SCIT speaks about complaints against obscene and indecent articles 19-05-2007
LC: Open source software adoption 16-05-2007
SCIT to visit Helsinki and Paris 12-05-2007
LC: Government Internet portals 09-05-2007
LC: Framework Agreement of RTHK 09-05-2007
LC: Reception problem of AM broadcast of RTHK 09-05-2007
LC: Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team 09-05-2007
LC: Combating the sale of counterfeit goods 02-05-2007
LC: Patent registration 25-04-2007
SCIT welcomes prompt response by ASTRI's Board of Directors 24-04-2007
LC:Pilot scheme for opening up IP in government IT systems 18-04-2007
LC: Speech by SCIT in moving the Second Reading of Patents (Amendment) Bill 2007 18-04-2007
LC: Speech by SCIT in moving the Second Reading of Import and Export (Amendment) Bill 2007 18-04-2007
SCIT signs agreement on co-operation in information industry and technology 17-04-2007
SCIT begins visit to Beijing 16-04-2007
Speech by Mr Joseph W P Wong, GBS, JP Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology at the IBM's 50th Anniversary Client Reception Cocktail 12-04-2007
SCIT's speech at opening ceremony of China Sourcing Fairs: Electronics & Components (English only) 12-04-2007
SCIT speaks about public service broadcasting 28-03-2007
Government receives report on public service broadcasting 28-03-2007
LC: Responsibility of Broadcasting Authority 28-03-2007
LC: Coverage of mobile networks and services 28-03-2007
Speech by SCIT at Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award Presentation Ceremony 22-03-2007
SCIT: Entertainment Expo strengthens HK's position as the creative capital 21-03-2007
Speech by SCIT at Hong Kong Entertainment Expo 20-03-2007
Speech by SCIT on work of Commerce and Industry Branch at Legco Finance Committee special meeting 19-03-2007
Speech by SCIT at Legco Finance Committee special meeting 19-03-2007
SCIT leads delegation to East Guangdong 15-03-2007
LC: Shortage of IP addresses 14-03-2007
LC: Scope of application of Smart ID Card 14-03-2007
Speech by SCIT at Wireless Communications & Networking Conference 2007 (English Only) 12-03-2007
SCIT visits Tsuen Wan 08-03-2007
SCIT speaks about film industry and WiFi services 07-03-2007
LC: Safety standards of ionising radiation systems 07-03-2007
LC: Alleged contraventions of Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance and Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance 07-03-2007
SCIT congratulates "Isabella" for receiving film awards 06-03-2007
SCIT visits Belgium and Germany 11-02-2007
SCIT visits Hung Hom and Kowloon City 09-02-2007
LC: Import and Export (Registration) (Amendment) Regulation 2007 07-02-2007
LC: Computer network facilities in Hong Kong 07-02-2007
LC: Impact of earthquake in Luzon Strait 31-01-2007
LC: IT manpower 31-01-2007
SCIT to visit Davos and London 24-01-2007
LC: Development of exhibition industry 24-01-2007
LC: Damage on HK's external telecommunications services by earthquake in Luzon Strait 24-01-2007
LC: Developing city-wide wireless broadband service 24-01-2007
SCIT on RTHK's compliance with BA's codes of practice 23-01-2007
Statement by SCIT 23-01-2007
CITB concerns over RTHK issue 21-01-2007
Speech by SCIT at the 1st Anniversary Celebration Ceremony of AsiaWorld-Expo 17-01-2007
LC: Internet Content Rating System 17-01-2007
LC:Merger and acquisition activities in telecommunications industry 17-01-2007
LC: Setting up of the Communications Authority 17-01-2007
LC: Promoting Hong Kong's advantages as a convention and exhibition capital 10-01-2007