Speeches and Presentations

Topic Date
LC: Cross-media ownership restrictions 20-12-2006
Government seeks public views on strengthening copyright protection in digital environment 19-12-2006
SCIT speaks about Public Consultation on Copyright Protection 19-12-2006
SCIT speaks on protection of copyright works in the digital environment 14-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at HK Intellectual Property Society luncheon 14-12-2006
LC: Convention and exhibition industry in Hong Kong 13-12-2006
LC: Complaints against pay television sales activities 13-12-2006
LC: Technical standard for digital terrestrial television 13-12-2006
SCIT speaks about ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 08-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 Forum Closing Session "Working Together in the Digital World" (English Only) 08-12-2006
LC: Information Security 06-12-2006
LC: Re-transmission of TV programmes using computer accessories 06-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at 11th Asian Telecom and Information Exchange Forum (English Only) 06-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at China Day Programme at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 (English Only) 05-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 Forum Session "Shaping Our Future Digital Society" (English Only) 04-12-2006
SCIT on ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 03-12-2006
Speech by SCIT at Business of Design Week (English Only) 29-11-2006
LC: Digital Solidarity Fund 29-11-2006
LC: Promote research and development in science and technology 29-11-2006
LC: Regulation on programme contents of mobile TV services 29-11-2006
LC: Interconnection charges among telecommunications networks 29-11-2006
LC: Government officials attend RTHK's programmes 29-11-2006
Hong Kong strives to make ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 a success 28-11-2006
LC: Youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy Scheme 22-11-2006
Speech by SCIT at the Reception for Hong Kong Businessmen in Ha Noi (English only) 17-11-2006
Transcript of SCIT in Hanoi, Viet Nam 15-11-2006
LC: Broadband Wireless Access 15-11-2006
LC: Capability Maturity Model Assessment Grant 08-11-2006
Speech by SCIT at "Hong Kong: Turning China into Opportunity" Seminar (English only) 06-11-2006
SCIT to visit Korea 01-11-2006
LC: Review on level of local access charge for telecommunications services 01-11-2006
Speech by SCIT at CASBAA Convention 2006 25-10-2006
Government committed to promoting Intellectual Property compliance in business community 23-10-2006
Speech by SCIT at launching ceremony of Productivity Gallery 19-10-2006
LC: Open network access requirement in 3G mobile services licences 18-10-2006
Speech by SCIT at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (English only) 13-10-2006
SCIT holds wide-ranging discussion with Australian community 21-09-2006
Speech by SCIT at a boardroom luncheon (English only) 21-09-2006
SCIT highlights opportunities for Australian businesses 20-09-2006
Speech by SCIT at reception for Australian companies (English only) 20-09-2006
SCIT visits Australia 19-09-2006
Speech by SCIT at Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2006 (English only) 13-09-2006
More mobile coverage for hiking trails 03-09-2006
SCIT to visit Singapore 03-09-2006
SCIT speaks on control of indecent and obscene articles 01-09-2006
Speech by SCIT at Topping-out Ceremony of Science Park Phase Two 16-08-2006
SCIT officiates at opening ceremony of the first cinema on the Mainland wholly owned by HK company 06-08-2006
SCIT speaks about RTHK 27-07-2006
Speech of Mr. Joseph W P Wong, the Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, at the Annual General Meeting Luncheon of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries 27-07-2006
CITB statement on public display of copyrighted works 21-07-2006
SCIT speaks on Youth Ambassador Scheme 19-07-2006
Hong Kong and five WTO members issue joint statement on Doha negotiations 17-07-2006
SCIT speaks on LegCo Public Accounts Committee's Report 12-07-2006
LC: Speech of SCIT in moving the second reading of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Bill 12-07-2006
LC: Complaints about child pornography 12-07-2006
Regulating Activities on the Internet - A Case for Limited Government Intervention - a speech by SCIT at the Foreign Correspondents' Club luncheon meeting. (English only) 10-07-2006
SCIT speaks about PCCW 10-07-2006
SCIT speaks on Unsolicited Electronic Messages Bill 06-07-2006
UEM Bill to contain spamming problem 06-07-2006
LC: Promoting the development of creative industries 05-07-2006
LC: Complaints against programmes of radio stations 21-06-2006
LC: Copyright (Suspension of Amendments) Ordinance 2001 (Amendment) Notice 2006 21-06-2006
Remarks by SCIT at Cocktail Reception hosted by Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting 19-06-2006
LC: Showing pre-recorded information programmes in public transport 14-06-2006
LC: Patent Application Grant Scheme 14-06-2006
SCIT welcomes APEC Ministers' statement on Doha Development Agenda 02-06-2006
Speech by SCIT at HK Young Design Talent Awards 2006 launching ceremony (English only) 30-05-2006
SCIT speaks on anti-Internet piracy 29-05-2006
SCIT reiterates Government's firm commitment to combatting Internet piracy 29-05-2006
Trade Ministers should exercise responsibility to conclude the Doha Round in time: SCIT 25-05-2006
SCIT on public service broadcasting review 22-05-2006
SCIT to visit Beijing 16-05-2006
SCIT visits Shenzhen 15-05-2006
SCIT urges young people to respect intellectual property rights 11-05-2006
LC: Obscene Articles Tribunal 10-05-2006
SCIT statement on illegal Internet download 10-05-2006
LC: Free Trade Agreement between China and ASEAN 26-04-2006
LC: Outsourced IT projects involving handling of personal data 26-04-2006
SCIT speaks about RTHK 26-04-2006
SCIT visits Guangdong 18-04-2006
LC: Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers 29-03-2006
LC: Guangdong and Hong Kong economic and trade cooperation 29-03-2006
SCIT speaks on Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2006 29-03-2006
LC: Speech of SCIT on moving the second reading of the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2006 29-03-2006
LC: CEPA market entry facilitation group 22-03-2006
SCIT speaks on Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2006 16-03-2006
Speech by SCIT on work of Commerce and Industry Branch at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting 13-03-2006
Speech by SCIT at Legco Finance Committee special meeting 13-03-2006
LC: Telecommunications service providers roll out networks in housing estate 08-03-2006
SCIT speaks on consultation on the establishment of Communications Authority 03-03-2006
Promoting the Development of the ICT Industry: Opportunities and Challenges - a speech by SCIT at a luncheon meeting organised by information technology associations. 03-03-2006
Speech by SCIT at MERECL opening ceremony (English only) 01-03-2006
Speech by SCIT at IPD Open Day (English only) 28-02-2006
LC: Programmes on parent-child relationship and having educational value 22-02-2006
LC: Speech by SCIT on Motion Debate on Public Service Broadcasting Policy 08-02-2006
LC: Contractual payments of IT projects 08-02-2006
SCIT speaks on review of public service broadcasting 01-02-2006
SCIT speaks on review of public service broadcasting 25-01-2006
Government announces legislative proposals to contain spam problem 20-01-2006
Government announces legislative proposals to contain spam problem 20-01-2006
SCIT speaks about proposed anti-spam legislation 20-01-2006
Speech by SCIT at InterChambers of Commerce Luncheon Meeting (English only) 20-01-2006
LC: IT service contract 18-01-2006
Speech by SCIT on Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting in Hong Kong 17-01-2006
Speech by SCIT at the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference for ESRI Users (English only) 12-01-2006
LC: Enforcement of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance 11-01-2006
SCIT speaks on achievements of WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Conference 06-01-2006
Speech by SCIT at Asia Society luncheon (English only) 06-01-2006