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Publications and Press Releases > Consultation Documents > Consultation on Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong Full List of Submissions

Consultation on Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong Full List of Submissions

Name / Organisation
Submission No.
Alan Knowles
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
Tom Lam
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
香港汽車零部件工業協會 Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association
C. Y. Raymond Kwong
香港中華廠商聯合會 The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
Philip Yung Tak Lam
Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre
Scholar Corporation
民主建港聯盟 Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
Blessed Inc
香港專利師協會 Hong Kong Institute of Patent Attorneys
Raymond Yiu
香港金屬表面處理學會 Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society
香港創新科技及製造業聯合總會 Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries
中國許可貿易工作者協會香港分會 Licensing Executives Society China – Hong Kong Sub-Chapter
香港發明協會 Hong Kong Invention Association Ltd.
香港玩具廠商會 The Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
Ronald Yu
容志偉 Eric Yung
香港貨品編碼協會 GS1 Hong Kong
金杜律師事務所 King & Wood
香港工業專業評審局 The Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries
香港商標師公會 The Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners
宋平 及 陳永曄
Ng Chan Wai
Dr C W Tso
Hui Wing Kin
Chris Murray
Richard R. Halstead
Danny Chan
經濟動力 Economic Synergy
香港專利代理人公會 The Hong Kong Institute of Patent Practitioners
香港電子業商會 The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association
亞洲專利代理人協會香港分會 Asian Patent Attorneys Association Hong Kong Group
香港工業總會 Federation of Hong Kong Industries
香港生產力促進局 Hong Kong Productivity Council
Timothy J. Letters
Laurence Thoo
Jeffrey McLean
James Wan
Michael Flint
Owen Gee
Michael Lin
Chin-Wah Tsang
Bach Limited
Benny Kong
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
來信人要求以不具名方式公開 Anonymity
Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting
Art Group Limited
新民黨 New People’s Party
Biochemistry Alumni Association, HKUST
China Intellectual Property (H.K.) Limited
Guy Chan
Sam Yip
Pindar Wong
Kenneth Yip
Kam Wah Law
Wilson, Lee Waim Wing
Eric C F Lam
Nigel Lee
Alfred Lee
Ms. Lee
香港總商會 Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
香港美國商會 The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
香港律師會 The Law Society of Hong Kong
香港五金商業總會 Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association
香港科研製藥聯會 The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry
香港貿易發展局創新及科技諮詢委員會 Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee of The Hong Kong Trade Development Council