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Policy Responsibilities > Industry and Business Support

Industry and Business Support

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong, providing a business-friendly environment and maximum support for the development of industry and commerce in Hong Kong. The Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch assumes overall policy responsibility for work in the four areas below.

Increasing Competitiveness of Industry

The HKSARG actively encourages the industrial sector to harness the forces of innovation and technology for improving productivity and adding value to products, provides world-class support infrastructure for industrial development, and helps address issues of concern to industry. The Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch is assisted by the Trade and Industry Department in liaison and networking with industry and providing general support services.

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development chairs the Trade and Industry Advisory Board to tap private sector input to Government policy making and programme implementation on matters related to trade and industry.

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Hong Kong's economy. Through various agencies, the HKSARG provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of SMEs. The Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch assumes overall policy responsibility for supporting SMEs. The Trade and Industry Department runs various support measures including :

  1. operating a Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) which provides SMEs with free information and business advisory services under one roof. SUCCESS also organises seminars, workshops and other activities to help broaden SME's business knowledge and enhance their entrepreneurial skills;

  2. administering SME Funding Schemes (i.e. SME Loan Guarantee Scheme, SME Export Marketing Fund and SME Development Fund) to help SMEs to secure loans for acquiring business installation and equipment and meeting working capital needs, expand markets, and enhance competitiveness;

  3. running an SME Mentorship Programme, under which participating SMEs can learn from and be guided by experienced entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals who serve as mentors on a voluntary basis; and

  4. providing secretariat support to the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, an advisory body appointed by the Chief Executive to advise him on matters related to the development of SMEs.

Non-government subvented bodies, such as the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Vocational Training Council are also key SME service providers.

Trade Promotion and Facilitation

      Under the policy responsibility of the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch -

  1. the statutory Hong Kong Trade Development Council actively promotes the external trade of Hong Kong;

  2. the statutory Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation provides insurance protection for local exporters against risks of non-payment, arising from commercial and political events, for goods sold or services rendered to overseas customers.

To reduce the paperwork involved in trading and to improve efficiency, the HKSARG promotes the widespread use of e-commerce in business-to-government (B2G) transactions. The Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch assumes policy responsibility for the adoption of electronic submission and processing of official trade-related documents known as the Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS).