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Topic Date
Digital TV broadcasting officially launched 31-12-2007
Unified Carrier Licence to pave the way for fixed-mobile convergence in telecommunications sector 21-12-2007
LC: Initiatives to encourage R&D and innovation 19-12-2007
LC: Regulating unsolicited commercial fax messages 12-12-2007
LC: Enforcement of Telecommunications Ordinance 12-12-2007
LC: Control of unsolicited electronic messages 05-12-2007
LC: Enforcement of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance 05-12-2007
PSCT to visit Singapore 27-11-2007
Hong Kong enters new digital broadcasting era 26-11-2007
SCED continues Shanghai visit 16-11-2007
SCED leads creative industries delegation to Shanghai 15-11-2007
LC: Pay level of employees in film industry 14-11-2007
LC: Reception quality of free TV signals 14-11-2007
LC: Promoting creative industries 14-11-2007
Hong Kong showcases its creative minds in Shanghai 13-11-2007
SCED to visit Beijing and Shanghai 13-11-2007
LC: Monitoring of advertisements in electronic media 7-11-2007
LC: Enforcement of Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance 31-10-2007
SCED visits Kowloon City District 18-10-2007
LC: Operation of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance 17-10-2007
Recruitment of Director of Broadcasting begins 05-10-2007
CEDB's response to Bauhinia Foundation report on creative metropolis 03-10-2007
Recruitment of Director of Broadcasting 07-09-2007
SCED congratulates cartoon award winners 19-07-2007
LC: Posting hyperlinks on Internet forum 20-06-2007
New Ordinance to control spam problem 28-05-2007
SCIT speaks about complaints against obscene and indecent articles 19-05-2007
LC: Framework Agreement of RTHK 09-05-2007
LC: Reception problem of AM broadcast of RTHK 09-05-2007
Consultation on mobile TV extended 26-04-2007
Government announces spectrum policy framework 24-04-2007
Establishment of the HK Film Development Council 15-04-2007
SCIT speaks about public service broadcasting 28-03-2007
LC: Responsibility of Broadcasting Authority 28-03-2007
LC: Coverage of mobile networks and services 28-03-2007
Government receives report on public service broadcasting 28-03-2007
SCIT: Entertainment Expo strengthens HK's position as the creative capital 21-03-2007
SCIT speaks about film industry and WiFi services 07-03-2007
LC: Safety standards of ionising radiation systems 07-03-2007
LC: Alleged contraventions of Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance and Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance 07-03-2007
SCIT congratulates "Isabella" for receiving film awards 06-03-2007
LC: Computer network facilities in Hong Kong 07-02-2007
LC: Impact of earthquake in Luzon Strait 31-01-2007
Public consultation on mobile TV 26-01-2007
LC: Developing city-wide wireless broadband service 24-01-2007
LC: Damage on HK's external telecommunications services by earthquake in Luzon Strait 24-01-2007
Public consultation on spectrum policy framework extended 22-01-2007
CITB concerns over RTHK issue 21-01-2007
LC:Merger and acquisition activities in telecommunications industry 17-01-2007
LC: Setting up of the Communications Authority 17-01-2007
LC: Promoting Hong Kong's advantages as a convention and exhibition capital 10-01-2007