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Topic Date
Youngsters share experiences of the cyber world 28-12-2004
LC: Promoting the use of wireless services and technologies 15-12-2004
Film Guarantee Fund extended for two years 14-12-2004
LC: Public policy researches and industry development researches 08-12-2004
Government approves temporary waiver of Galaxy ownership restriction 07-12-2004
SCIT speaks about investment guide for Mainland companies 06-12-2004
Guideline on interconnection between in-building coaxial distribution systems 03-12-2004
Broadcasting Authority chairman re-appointed 03-12-2004
New licences for existing 2G mobile services to be granted 29-11-2004
LC: Single regulator to oversee electronic communications sector 24-11-2004
LC: Reception of free television programmes 17-11-2004
Government committed to supporting technology development 05-11-2004
HK promotes ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 in Beijing 27-10-2004
SCIT speaks about merger of BA and TA 27-10-2004
HKCTV granted approval for satellite transmission 14-09-2004
SCIT launches ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 08-09-2004
SCIT to launch ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 in Busan 05-09-2004
HK to launch digital terrestrial TV broadcasting in 2007 09-07-2004
LC: Protection of copyright works 07-07-2004
Type II interconnection to be withdrawn 06-07-2004
LC: Land grant to TVB in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 30-06-2004
OGCIO to set up on July 1 27-06-2004
Mega entertainment event to be held next year 25-06-2004
SCIT talks about anti-spam 25-06-2004
Consultation paper on measures to combat spam 25-06-2004
LC: 2nd reading debate resumed on Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Bill 2003 (English only) 23-06-2004
LC: Committee stage amendments to Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Bill 2003 (English only) 23-06-2004
LC: Introduction of new clauses to Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Bill 2003 (English only) 23-06-2004
Strategic partnership agreement to strengthen Shenzhen-HK IT co-operation 17-06-2004
LC: Development of e-commerce in Hong Kong 16-06-2004
Government approves surrender of pay TV licences 15-06-2004
Cyberport Wins "Intelligent Building of the Year" Award 12-06-2004
PSCT's statement 10-06-2004
LC: Complaints about charges and marketing practices of telecom services 09-06-2004
Hong Kong wins bid to host ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 03-06-2004
Transparent regulatory regime attracts investment in HK's telecom market 03-06-2004
Government renews Cable TV licence 25-05-2004
Government approves another licence for ATV 25-05-2004
Government to facilitate SME to bid IT projects 20-05-2004
LC: Capacity of mobile phone networks 19-05-2004
LC: The control of obscene and indecent articles 19-05-2004
Telecommunications merger legislation to come into force 14-05-2004
Full migration to electronic submission of air and rail cargo manifests 14-05-2004
LC: Corporate governance of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation 28-04-2004
LC: Unsolicited faxed advertisements 21-04-2004
e-Business seminar to help explore business opportunities 16-04-2004
SCIT's remarks on unauthorised pay TV decoders 31-03-2004
Speech by SCIT at Telecom InfoTechnology Forum (English only) 25-03-2004
Speech by SCIT at APEC TEL 29 (English only) 24-03-2004
Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2003 passed by Legislative Council 24-03-2004
LC: Copyright (Suspension of Amendments) Ordinance 2001 (Amendment) Notice 2004 (English only) 24-03-2004
LC: Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2003 Committee Stage amendments (English only) 24-03-2004
LC: Second reading on Copyright (Amendments) Bill 2003 (English only) 24-03-2004
HKSAR and Japan forge closer ties on ICT co-operation 23-03-2004
HK to host APEC TEL 29 meeting 19-03-2004
2nd consultation on 2G mobile services licence begins 19-03-2004
LC: Technology Crimes 17-03-2004
LC: Use of non-compliant access numbers to offer ETS 10-03-2004
Film Guarantee Fund approves new loan guarantee 07-03-2004
Government supports film production training programme 05-03-2004
Government to reduce telecom licence fees 05-03-2004
SCIT announces 2004 Digital 21 Strategy 04-03-2004
LC: Consumer complaints against telecommunications operators 03-03-2004
Government concerns about allegations against HKSTPC 02-03-2004
LC: Pre-paid telephone cards 25-02-2004
Committee endorses new Innovation and Technology Strategy 20-02-2004
LC: Outsourcing of IT projects 18-02-2004
Creating a healthy cyber world 07-02-2004
New portal to provide business information on Hong Kong 04-02-2004
Wireless technology to be further promoted in Hong Kong 29-01-2004
Broadcasting Authority Meeting 17-01-2004
New steering committee to promote innovation and technology 14-01-2004
LC: Strategies to attract investors to invest or set up factories in HK 14-01-2004
Government proposes to reduce telecom licence fees                                        09-01-2004