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Multi-use ID cards to offer free digital certificates 20-12-2001
Broadcasting-satellite service guidance note published 20-12-2001
HKPC and ITBB launch sector-specific IT audit programme for SMEs 19-12-2001
Fees under the Film Censorship Regulations to be reduced 14-11-2001
Findings of the "Household Survey on Information Technology Usage and Penetration" and the "Annual Survey on Information Technology Usage and Penetration in the Business Sector" for 2001 released 12-11-2001
Government vigilantly enforces the COIAO 10-11-2001
HK, Korea sign MOU on IT and communications co-operation 09-11-2001
HK-Canadian collaboration in wireless technology 06-11-2001
IT delegation on familiarization tour to US, Canada 01-11-2001
Asia IT Ministers' Conference held in Hong Kong 28-10-2001
TA Announces Completion of the Grant Stage of the Auction for 3G Mobile
Services Licensing and publishes Guidelines for Application for Public
Non-exclusive Telecommunications Services (PNETS) Licences for Mobile
Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)
Response to RTHK's "Headliner" 17-10-2001
FSAC meets to discuss wide range of issues 15-10-2001
Strive for excellence through good use of IT, life-long learning 13-10-2001
ESD receives international recognition 27-09-2001
Results of the Third Phase of the Auction and Frequency Band Selection ProcessPowerpoint document 26-09-2001
TA Announces Results of Third Phase Auction for 3G Mobile Services Licensing 26-09-2001
IIAC discusses IT developments in HK 25-09-2001
HK well positioned to offer cutting edge 3G services: SITB 19-09-2001
Broadband traffic video service launched 15-09-2001
Global Summit of Women 2001 held in Hong Kong 13-09-2001
Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board 31-08-2001
Applications for IT training sponsorship scheme to close 26-08-2001
Develop our Workforce for the Information Economy * 21-08-2001
Applications invited for second phase of pilot IT training sponsorship scheme 05-08-2001
Licensing of Third Generation Mobile Services 18-07-2001
Working group meets to discuss Internet2 development in HK 13-07-2001
SITB responds to the LegCo on measures to bridge digital divide 09-07-2001
Way forward mapped out to develop a skilled IT workforce 09-07-2001
Invitation for Proposal for Consultancy Services for Operational Insurance programme for Hong Kong's Cyberport 07-07-2001
Applications invited for pilot IT training sponsorship scheme 28-06-2001
Spectrum auction for the Third Generation (3G) Mobile Services 15-06-2001
Summer IT training programmes to nurture young generation 11-06-2001
On-going efforts to promote the film industry 07-06-2001
Over $2 billion to eliminate "digital divide" 06-06-2001
Call for concerted efforts to turn E-government vision into reality 31-05-2001
Electronic Government Forms Available on the Internet 25-05-2001
Hong Kong, Asia's capital of wireless technology 25-05-2001
Tenders called for development of teleport at Chung Hom Kok 25-05-2001
Speech by Mrs Carrie Yau, Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting, at the Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region (CIAPR) Mayors' Forum 24-05-2001
SITB to lead HK delegation to CIAPR Forum in Shanghai 21-05-2001
Press statement on Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill 2001 04-05-2001
Hong Kong networking with Silicon Valley and India 04-05-2001
Revised IT strategy to position HK as a leading e-business community 04-05-2001
Hong Kong to host ITU TELECOM ASIA 2002 03-05-2001
Sixth round of Electronic Service Delivery scheme roving show 30-04-2001
Government welcomes new domain name registration arrangements 26-04-2001
Applications for Cyberport Office Tenancy invited 20-04-2001
Internet broadcast of cocktail reception to honour local film industry 10-04-2001
Government supports IT synergy in local universities 06-04-2001
Film Development Fund supports the local film awards presentation 30-03-2001
Statement on cocktail reception to honour achievements of local film industry 29-03-2001
CE congratulates "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", winner of four Oscar Awards 26-03-2001
Cocktail reception in recognition of achievements of local film industry 23-03-2001
The Licensing Framework for Third Generation Mobile Services 23-03-2001
Opening remark of SITB at special Finance Committee meeting 22-03-2001
First meeting on admission of Cyberport office tenants held 21-03-2001
Pay TV market remains robust despite withdrawal of NETV 16-03-2001
Committee on Admission of Cyberport Office Tenants set up 16-03-2001
New regulatory system for entertainment special effects 15-03-2001
Fifth round of Electronic Service Delivery scheme roving show 09-03-2001
Public consultation on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting ends 28-02-2001
Entertainment special effects law to come into operation soon 26-02-2001
Speech by Mrs Carrie Yau, Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting, at the opening conference of the II Expo 2001 (English only) 22-02-2001
New key areas to improve HK's competitiveness in IT world identified 16-02-2001
Hong Kong, Canada sign MOU on Film and Television Co-production 16-02-2001
Liberalization policy bears fruit in telecom, broadcasting markets 15-02-2001
The Licensing Framework for Third Generation Mobile Services 13-02-2001
Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill 2001 07-02-2001
SITB sees Internet helping to improve government 27-01-2001
Information age to fuel Hong Kong's economic growth: SITB 27-01-2001
New requirement of government IT tenders to come into effect 25-01-2001
SITB to lead HK delegation to World Economic Forum 22-01-2001
More public services to be put online 19-01-2001
Accessibility of ESD services to the disabled 19-01-2001
New Initiatives on e-Cert Service in Support of the ESD Scheme 16-01-2001
HK to become a major regional hub of electronic commerce 16-01-2001
Gazettal of Telecommunications Order 12-01-2001
SITB impressed by India's high tech, IT development 12-01-2001
New carrier licence regime to come into effect on April 1 12-01-2001
IT manpower training in India a good model for HK 11-01-2001
Opinion survey on community standards for article classification 10-01-2001
Harness the old and the new for future success in the IT world 10-01-2001
HK delegation meets with Indian Ministers 08-01-2001
HK delegation to take part in Partnership Summit 2001 07-01-2001
OFTA appoints advisers for the 3G licensing process 05-01-2001
Stepped up enforcement actions on Cat. III film 05-01-2001
Government strives to improve government web sites 05-01-2001
"Ten Healthy Websites Contest" presentation ceremony 05-01-2001