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Topic Date
Measures to open up the TV market and promote fair competition 10-12-98
Film Development Fund Projects Vetting Committee Members Appointed 3-12-98
Promoting the use of IT across the community 26-11-98
Concerted efforts in promoting the use of IT 25-11-98
Film Censorship (Amendment) Bill 1998 25-11-98
Comprehensive plans in place to tackle Y2K 18-11-98
Government support for business incubation reaffirmed 18-11-98
New booklet outlines Government's IT Strategy in the 21st century 16-11-98
Government set to outsource IT activities 5-11-98
More co-operative ventures between HK and Canada in IT 4-11-98
New opportunities and challenges open to IT industry 31-10-98
Plans to promote HK as a digital city in the 21st century 28-10-98
Delegation to visit Australia on IT exchange 26-10-98
Opening up of external telecommunications services market 22-10-98
Frequencies for free terrestrial TV transmission all used up 15-10-98
Marketing in new information age 28-9-98
HK set to sustain competitiveness in information age 25-9-98
Liberalising HK's telecommunications market 24-9-98
Information Technology Mission to Canada 19-9-98
Introduction of Electronic Service Delivery in 2000 16-9-98
HK well-placed to provide Chinese support for Internet 16-9-98
Mobile Earth Stations exempt from licensing requirements 11-9-98
Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee established 5-9-98
Proposals to open up TV & telecom markets released 3-9-98
Site for film studio use awarded 12-8-98
Two satellite TV uplink and downlink licences approved 21-7-98
Secretary calls for early action to tackle Y2K problem 20-7-98
HK praised for creativity and technological sophistication 16-7-98
Publicity programme launched to arouse public awareness of Y2K 4-7-98
ITBB moves to new offices 3-7-98
Telecommunications licence for AsiaSat 3 revoked 3-7-98
Provision of public services through Electronic Service Delivery 30-6-98
Early action urged to tackle Year 2000 problem 25-6-98
MOU to foster information technology co-operation with Canada signed 22-5-98
Fixed telecommunications review published for consultation 30-4-98
New IT and Broadcasting Bureau comes into operation 8-4-98
Granting of Video-On-Demand Programme Service Licences 11-2-98
Changes to satellite TV broadcasting licensing policy endorsed 16-1-98