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Response to media enquiries on CEDB website

In response to media enquiries on the information at the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau's (CEDB) website and the television (TV) market liberalisation policy, a bureau spokesman said today (October 31):

"Pursuant to a review of television policy in 1998, the Government announced the decision to open up the television market (the 1998 Policy). The 1998 Policy stated that 'there would be no limit on the number of domestic free licences to be issued. Applications for domestic free [TV] licences transmitted through other technically feasible means will be considered'. This policy is public information and remains unchanged.

The Government reiterates that the 1998 Policy does not entail a blanket approval of each and every free TV licence application received. Each application has to be subject to the Communications Authority's recommendation and consideration by the Chief Executive in Council against all relevant factors, such as the sustainability of the free TV market as a whole, before a decision is made.

The Government has recently, on several occasions, openly and fully explained the 1998 Policy (such as through a press release (October 22) and the Legislative Council Brief (October 15)). Such information was uploaded to the CEDB website forthwith.

The CEDB has been updating its webpage content regularly to avoid content repetition across the website and ensure provision of the latest data. The relevant amendment, as reported by the media today, is part of routine maintenance. To allay any public concern, we have uploaded relevant topical information to the website again today."

Thursday, October 31, 2013