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Appointments to Working Group on IP Trading

"The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development will lead a Working Group to study the overall strategy for promoting Hong Kong as a hub for intellectual property (IP) trading, and has appointed members to the Working Group to assist him in this task," a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said today (March 12).

Members of the Working Group on IP Trading have been appointed for a term of two years with effect from March 12, 2013. The membership is as follows:

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development

Mr Andrew Liao Cheung-sing

Mr Charles Nicholas Brooke
Ms Agnes Chan Sui-kuen
Dr Jackson Chan Chik-sum
Dr Toby Chan Lap-man
Professor Paul Cheung Ying-sheung
Professor Raymond Choy Hon-sing
Ms Yvonne Chua
Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping
Mr Kwong Chi-keung
Mr Alfred Kwok Chan-fai
Mr Anson Kwok
Mr Ronald Lai Chi-shing
Dr Terence Lau Lok-ting
Mr Jong Lee
Mr Sunny Lee Wai-kwong
Dr Lewis Luk Tei
Mr Wong Ming-yam
Dr Wu Po-chi
Director of Intellectual Property (or representative)
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (or representative)
Head of Create Hong Kong (or representative)
Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (or representative)

"Members of the Working Group have been drawn from a wide range of sectors related to IP trading. They comprise various IP creators, IP users and IP intermediaries, as well as representatives from the Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council," the spokesman said.

The terms of reference of the Working Group are as follows:

(a) to advise on the overall strategies to promote the development of Hong Kong as an intellectual property trading hub; and

(b) to identify possible policy and other support measures to facilitate intellectual property trading in Hong Kong.

"Under a knowledge-based economy, IP rights are increasingly commercialised and traded around the world. Hong Kong has the potential to develop into a regional IP trading hub, given our outstanding business environment, robust IP protection regime, extensive investments across Asia with the Mainland as our hinterland, and experience in areas such as research and development, design, trading and business services in support of industrial production," the spokesman added.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013