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Submissions on Public Consultation on the Establishment of the Communications Authority

The following 30 submissions were received during the public consultation on the establishment of the Communications Authority from 3 March to 16 June 2006.

  1. Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia PDF
  2. Hong Kong Information Technology Federation and Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter PDF
  3. Hong Kong Telecommunications Users Group of Hong Kong Management Association PDF
  4. Internet & Telecom Association of Hong Kong PDF
  5. Broadcasting Authority PDF
  6. Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong PDF
  7. Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce PDF
  8. Consumer Council PDF

  1. Asia Television Limited PDF
  2. Hong Kong Cable Television Limited PDF
  3. Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited PDF
  4. Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited PDF
  5. TVB Pay Vision Limited PDF
  6. Television Broadcasts Limited PDF
  7. Star Group Limited PDF
  8. AT&T Asia/Pacific Group Limited. PDF
  9. Hong Kong CSL Limited and New World PCS Limited PDF
  10. PCCW Limited PDF
  11. China Mobile Peoples Telephone Company Limited PDF
  12. SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited PDF
  13. Wharf T & T Limited PDF
  14. New World Telecommunications Limited PDF
  15. Hutchison Global Communications Limited and Hutchison Telephone Company Limited PDF

  1. Dr Mark Williams PDF
  2. Mr Brian Kwok PDF
  3. Mr D H Ng PDF
  4. Mr James Pan PDF
  5. Mr Ronald Yu PDF
  6. Mr Samuel Chan PDF
  7. Professor Leonard Cheng PDF