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Responses to Consultation Paper

Submissions received in response to the Consultation Paper on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Hong Kong

List of Respondents


  1. Asia Television Limited and Television Broadcasts Limited  *
  2. Asia Television Limited and Television Broadcasts Limited - Supplementary Submission  *
  3. Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd.  *
  4. RTHK  *
  5. STAR Group Limited  *
  6. Hong Kong Cable Television Limited  *
  7. Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited  *

Corporate & other organisations

  1. Dolby Laboratories Inc.
  2. Hong Kong Democratic Foundation
  3. Pacific Satellite International Ltd.
  4. Mecom Limited, UK
  5. Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
  6. PCCW-HKT Limited
  7. International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Limited (IFPI)
  8. Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB)
  9. Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB)
  10. Hutchison Global Crossing Limited
  11. Hutchison Telephone
  12. Consumer Council
  13. Nokia Multimedia Terminals
  14. Securities and Futures Commission


  1. Individual A
  2. Individual B
  3. Individual C