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Film Classification and Control of Obscene Articles
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* Control of Obscene & Indecent Articles
1. Q.

How does the Government regulate obscene and indecent information transmitted through Internet?


Generally speaking, content which is regulated by the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance and published via the Internet would also be controlled under the Ordinance. However, it is impractical to actively monitor information transmitted via Internet given its vast volume and transient nature. Following public and industry consultations which revealed support for industry self-regulation, the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) promulgated a Code of Practice in October 1997 which sets out the procedures for an Internet service provider to handle complaints on obscene and indecent information. The Code is available on the HKISPA homepage ( Complaints will first be handled by individual Internet service providers in accordance with the procedures laid out in the Code. The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration and the Police will step in if the Internet service provider fails to resolve the complaint.

2. Q.

Are Internet service providers liable for the information carried on their service?


Internet service providers, as conveyors of information, are liable for publishing indecent articles to juveniles or publishing obscene articles. They are therefore urged to comply with the Code of Practice of the HKISPA in that as soon as they are aware of obscene or indecent articles that the users of their services have placed on the Internet, they must promptly block access to the obscene articles or ask the content provider of indecent articles to place an on-screen fore-warning.

3. Q.

Where can I find "clean" sites which carry no indecent content?


Filtering tools may be used to screen out harmful materials not suitable for children and young persons. The homepage of the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration carries a suggested list of filtering tools ( for reference. In addition, some Internet service providers offer web sites with filtered content such as school net.