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Film Classification and Control of Obscene Articles
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Board of Review (Film Censorship)

(Section 16 of the Film Censorship Ordinance, Chapter 392)

Terms of Reference

To review decisions made by film censors or the Film Censorship Authority, which is the Director of Film, Newspaper and Article Administration, in respect of film classifications, film titles, Category III film advertising materials and packaging of videotapes/laserdiscs containing Category III films.


Under the Film Censorship Ordinance (Cap. 392), the Board of Review (Film Censorship) shall consist of -

  1. nine non-official members appointed by the Chief Executive; and
  2. the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development as ex-officio member.

Chairman : Mr Simon SIU Chak-yu
Non-official Members :  Ms Bonnie CHAN Jo-ying
Mr Vincent CHENG Wing-shun
Ms Amy FUNG Dun-mi
Ms Frances LEUNG Kim-lan
Dr LO Wai-luk
Ms Ada WONG Yin-man
Mr YAM Kai-bong
Mr Tony YUE Kwok-leung
Ex-officio Member: Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development

Secretary:Mr Alvin WONG
Telephone:(852) 3655 4864