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Useful Information - Press Releases

Topic Date
LCQ1: Domestic free television programme services 18-12-2002
Appointment of New Broadcasting Authority Chairman 29-11-2002
Domestic Free TV Programme Service Licences Renewed for 12 Years 12-11-2002
The transcript of the Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, Mr Henry Tang, at a media session after attending the Public Broadcasters International (PBI) Annual Conference 11-11-2002
Change of ATV Share 11-11-2002
TV licensees should comply with statutory and licence requirements 29-07-2002
BA receives ATV information 27-07-2002
ATV's control and management 22-07-2002
Application for iTV service termination 18-07-2002
TVB's application for deferment of the divestment deadline approved 09-07-2002
Change in ATV's Shareholding 12-06-2002
TVB's application to extend the deadline for divestment of shareholding in Galaxy 16-05-2002
Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau in response to press enquiries on the long-term operating mode of the Radio Television Hong Kong 29-04-2002
Metro's sound broadcasting licence validity extended 27-02-2002
Consultation on additional Broadcasting-satellite service channels extended 26-02-2002
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