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Results of Cook-off Challenge of Food Truck Pilot Scheme released

     The Cook-off Challenge, the Second Stage assessment of the Food Truck Pilot Scheme, was successfully held yesterday (July 26). From the 51 shortlisted contestants of the Challenge, the Selection Panel has selected 16 applicants to join the Pilot Scheme. A ceremony was held today (July 27) to announce the results of the selected applicants and their respective signature dishes. Of the 16 selected applicants, eight of their signature dishes are Chinese cuisine, four are Western and four are international (see Annex 1). There are 11 companies, three partnerships and two individuals, out of which seven are start-ups/micro-enterprises.

     The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, said today at the Result Announcement Ceremony that contestants cooked their respective signature dishes with remarkable culinary skill and creativity, demonstrating well Hong Kong's unique East-meets-West food culture. The 16 selected applicants stood out from the many contestants and were indeed exceptional, he said, adding that he is looking forward to seeing food trucks add more attractiveness to Hong Kong as a gourmet paradise and become a new highlight of the tourism industry.

     During the Cook-off Challenge, each shortlisted applicant was required to send a chef and an assistant to participate, and applicants were divided into groups according to the category of the signature dish as stated in their applications (namely "Chinese", "Western" or "International"). Contestants were required to cook their signature dish proposed in their applications within a specified time for the Selection Panel to taste and review on the spot.

     The Selection Panel assessed the dishes based on the assessment criteria as stated in the Invitation for Applications. The Selection Panel comprised 17 members, including food critics, representatives from the venues at which the food trucks are to operate and representatives from the Tourism Commission (see panel list in Annex 2). After contestants demonstrated their dishes on the spot, apart from holding a tasting session, the Selection Panel also conducted a question-and-answer session to learn more about the features of the signature dishes. The dishes of the 16 selected applicants were of good quality and were highly rated by the Selection Panel in various aspects of the assessment criteria including the taste, the food, the menu and the food concept.

     Mr So added, "We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the panellists for their support for this Scheme. Thanks to their expertise, the assessment process ran smoothly and successfully. We also want to thank all the applicants again for their participation and efforts."

     The 16 selected applicants will be required to start equipping their food trucks and apply for the relevant licences afterwards. Applicants have to comply with all the relevant licensing requirements in order to obtain the vehicle registration, the vehicle licence and the food factory licence. They also need to sign necessary agreements with the venues at which the food trucks are to operate. In the course of the procedures, a designated Food Truck Office set up by the Tourism Commission will provide one-stop services to the selected applicants. The food trucks are expected to commence business by the end of 2016 to early 2017 at the soonest.

     For the photos of the 16 selected applicants' signature dishes, please visit

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