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Appointments of members to Advisory Committee on Travel Agents

     The Government announced today (November 18) the appointment of Dr Barry Mak Lui-ming and Mr Jason Wong Chun-tat as new members of the Advisory Committee on Travel Agents (ACTA) to succeed Professor Cathy Hsu Hui-Chun and Mr Michael Wu Siu-ieng, who have been with the ACTA in the past six years.

     Eight existing members, Mr Conrad Chiu, Mr Buston Chu, Miss Lisa Djeng, Ms Lanny Leung, Ms Elaine Liu, Mr Hazen Tang, Mr Joseph Tung and Ms Gilly Wong, have been re-appointed as members of the ACTA.

     The above appointments take effect on November 19, 2016, for two years.

     "We are thankful for the valuable contribution to the ACTA from Professor Hsu and Mr Wu in the past six years. We also welcome Dr Mak and Mr Wong and look forward to working closely with them and other fellow ACTA members to further promote the service quality of tourism in Hong Kong and the protection of outbound travellers and visitors to Hong Kong," a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said.

     The ACTA is a statutory body established under section 7 of the Travel Agents Ordinance (TAO). It advises the Government on matters relating to the regulation of travel agents and issues affecting the interests of the travel trade and consumers. Appointments to the ACTA are made by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development under section 7(2) of the TAO, with the delegated authority from the Chief Executive.

     The composition of the ACTA with effect from November 19, 2016, is as follows:

Chairman: Mr Wilfred Wong Kam-pui

Members: Mr Conrad Chiu
                Mr Buston Chu Yat-chiu
                Miss Lisa Marie Djeng Kar-yee
                Dr Barry Mak Lui-ming
                Ms Mandy Fung Yuen-han
                Mr Anthony Lau Chun-hon
                Ms Lanny Leung Kong-lan
                Ms Elaine Liu Yuk-ling
                Mr Hazen Tang Tim-wan
                Mr Joseph Tung Yao-chung
                Mr Jason Wong Chun-tat
                Ms Gilly Wong Fung-han
                Commissioner for Tourism or
                Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (1)
                Registrar of Travel Agents

Ends/Friday, November 18, 2016
Issued at HKT 12:00