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SCED exchanges views with stakeholders on promoting development of Hong Kong as IP trading hub

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, today (September 18) hosted a briefing session for Members of the Working Group on Intellectual Property (IP) Trading and relevant stakeholders to exchange views on promoting the development of Hong Kong as an IP trading hub.

Over 100 representatives including IP owners/creators, intermediaries and users; relevant professional bodies; trade and industrial organisations; and local and overseas chambers of commerce attended the briefing to discuss and exchange views about the latest trends in IP trading, the benefits and potential for Hong Kong in developing into an IP trading hub, and strategies to develop Hong Kong into a premier IP trading hub.

Mr So briefed the relevant stakeholders on a strategic framework proposed by the Working Group for promoting the development of Hong Kong as an IP trading hub, which included four major strategic areas:

* Enhancing the IP protection regime;
* Supporting IP creation and exploitation;
* Fostering IP intermediary services and manpower capacity; and
* Promotion, education and external collaboration.

Mr So also shared with participants the proposed focus strategies under each specific area.

Participants actively expressed their views during the session and Mr So thanked them for their support in assisting the Working Group to finalise the strategic framework.

Mr So said that there was very fruitful and dynamic discussion with stakeholders on the proposed strategic framework for forging ahead with the development of IP trading in Hong Kong.

Looking ahead, Mr So said, "The current target is for the Working Group to (i) within 2013, finalise the strategic framework and explore preliminary ideas about specific policy and other measures in support of the focus strategies; and (ii) in 2014, continue deliberations and recommend concrete measures under specific focus strategies to form a coherent action plan."

The Working Group on IP Trading was set up in March 2013 following the Chief Executive's announcement in his 2013 Policy Address. The terms of reference of the Working Group are to advise on overall strategies to promote the development of Hong Kong as an IP trading hub and to identify possible policy and other support measures to facilitate IP trading in Hong Kong. The members of the Working Group have been drawn from a wide range of sectors related to IP trading.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013