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SCED visits start-up cluster

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, today (August 2) visited the start-up cluster in Hong Kong. He had fruitful exchanges with representatives from a number of start-up businesses on developing the city's start-up ecosystem, where local and overseas entrepreneurs meet, discover synergies and access markets, capital and talent together.

Mr So first visited a start-up community in Sheung Wan, with dozens of active start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Hong Kong and around the world. This co-work space creates a critical mass of start-ups and entrepreneurs to foster a thriving start-up ecosystem. Mr So toured the community and gained a better understanding from several start-up incubatees on how they operate start-up businesses in Hong Kong.

Mr So then proceeded to Central and visited a start-up business which provides a cloud-based platform of services to build and manage mobile marketing and commerce campaigns. He held discussions with various start-ups and organisations to understand their needs and challenges.

Mr So said he was pleased to learn that a rising number of entrepreneurs are setting up businesses in Hong Kong to tap the city's edge in developing creative and technology industries.

"The contributions that start-ups and entrepreneurs make to Hong Kong are very important. Apart from creating direct jobs, start-ups and entrepreneurs also indirectly generate job opportunities through outsourcing certain activities to local service providers, as well as bringing inspiration, innovation, ideas, talented people and technology transfer to our city," Mr So said.

Mr So said that Invest Hong Kong would continue to do its best in promoting Hong Kong as a premier start-up destination in Asia and attracting global entrepreneurs to help build the city's start-up ecosystem.

Friday, August 2, 2013