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SCED congratulates Professor Rossa Chiu on scaling new heights in scientific research

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, met with Professor Rossa Chiu from the Department of Chemical Pathology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong today (December 21). He congratulated her on winning the Chinese Young Women in Science Fellowship and scaling new heights in scientific research.

Professor Chiu was awarded the Chinese Young Women in Science Fellowship in Beijing last week for her research in and development of non-invasive prenatal diagnostic approaches. Last year and earlier this year she won international awards for the same area of scientific research.

"We are proud of the awards received by Professor Chiu. Her outstanding achievement fully demonstrates that the professional standard of Hong Kong's scientific researchers is on a par with their overseas counterparts and widely recognised in the international arena," Mr So said.

Mr So was pleased to learn that Professor Chiu and her team have made breakthroughs in their research with attempts to apply DNA sequencing of non-invasive prenatal diagnostic approaches in cancer diagnosis, with a view to discovering cancer early through blood tests.

"I am delighted for Professor Chiu on her excellent efforts and hope she can apply the research technology to different fields to benefit mankind. I would like to extend my warmest wishes on her success," Mr So said.

Professor Dennis Lo, mentor of Professor Chiu, also attended the meeting. Mr So exchanged views with the two professors on the future prospect of scientific research in Hong Kong.

In July last year, Professor Chiu won the 2011 International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Young Investigator Award and the 2011 Professors' Prize awarded by the Association of Academic Heads of Clinical Biochemistry Departments in the UK. Also, in September this year, she won the 2012 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education.

The Chinese Young Women in Science Fellowship aims to reward elite female scientists aged below 45 in all fields of science. Professor Chiu was selected from 188 candidates nominated by 113 academic units from all over the country. She is the only scientist from Hong Kong and Macau to have received this great honour.

Friday, December 21, 2012

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