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SCED visits Islands District

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, visited Tai O this afternoon (November 15) to see for himself the heritage tourism facilities in the area.

Mr So first met with the Islands District Council Members at Harbour Building in Central, where they exchanged views on district affairs. Accompanied by the District Officer (Islands), Mr Danny Lau, Mr So then visited the Tai O Heritage Hotel. He was briefed by the hotel representatives on the facilities and developments of the hotel.

The Tai O Heritage Hotel was converted from the old Tai O Police Station. The revitalisation project contributes to heritage conservation, community development and tourism in Tai O. The hotel offers guided tours to visitors to promote conservation and an appreciation of the ecology and historic buildings, with an aim of pushing forward the sustainable development of Tai O tourism.

Mr So was pleased to learn that the popularity of the hotel since its opening has benefited Tai O's economy. He said he hopes the revitalisation project can continue to encourage community participation and achieve synergy with other local resources. Mr So also hopes that, apart from promoting heritage conservation, tourism and green living, the project would provide visitors with an impressive experience.

Mr So then visited the Tai O Rural Committee Historical and Cultural Centre, where the exhibits were donated by villagers. With daily necessities and fishing tools from the old days on display, the centre allows visitors to better understand the history and development of Tai O.

Concluding his visit, Mr So said Tai O is a unique place with a distinctive cultural and ecological environment, and the Government would make every effort to preserve these characteristics so that visitors can continue to enjoy the rich and valuable heritage in Tai O.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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