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SCED visits Wan Chai District

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, visited Wan Chai District today (December 13) to learn more about cultural preservation and the operation of a social enterprise in the district, as well as to enjoy an early celebration of Christmas with local senior citizens.

Accompanied by the District Officer (Wan Chai), Miss Angela Luk, Mr So first toured the Blue House Cluster. As part of the Government's Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme, the cluster comprises three tenement buildings of three to four storeys - the Blue House, Yellow House and Orange House - and an open area. Revitalisation works are in progress to turn the buildings into a multi-functional cluster called "Viva Blue House", which will provide residences, a catering service, heritage guided tours and a venue for cultural and educational activities.

Mr So visited the Hong Kong House of Stories to hear about the history of the Blue House and Wan Chai District. The Hong Kong House of Stories, formerly known as the Wan Chai Livelihood Place, was set up by the St James' Settlement and a group of enthusiastic inhabitants. It raises public awareness of the cultural inheritance in the district by organising cultural activities such as exhibitions, tours, promotions of arts and culture, a community classroom as well as studies of history and culture.

Mr So then paid a visit to St James' Settlement Wan Chai District Elderly Community Centre and Wan Chai Day Care Centre for the Elderly, and celebrated the upcoming Christmas with local senior citizens there.

Mr So presented a Christmas cake and gifts to the elderly. He also sang Christmas carols and played games with them to help create a joyous ambience.

He took the opportunity to thank the staff of the centre for providing quality caring services for senior citizens.

Mr So then visited HC Café, a social enterprise restaurant operated by the Hong Chi Association. He met with the Wan Chai District Council Members at the café to exchange views on district affairs.

The HC Café provides on-the-job training to equip special needs trainees with the skills required to find employment in catering or related fields.

Mr So said that social enterprises not only provide training for people with special needs, but enhance the community's appreciation of their capabilities so they would have access to more and better job opportunities.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

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