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Appointments to Advisory Committee on review of the patent system in Hong Kong

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (SCED) has made the following appointments to the Advisory Committee on review of the patent system in Hong Kong:


Mr Andrew Liao Cheung-sing


Mr Ewan Bewley
Mr Christopher William Britton
Dr Sunny Chai Ngai-chiu
Dr Jackson Chan Chik-sum
Professor Paul Cheung Ying-sheung
Ms Helen Jiang Hua
Mr Kwong Chi-keung
Miss Alice Lee Suet-ching
Mr Joseph Poon Wing-sang
Mr Gabriel Tong Yui-lung
Dr Claudia Xu Jian
Dr Yuen Se-kit

"Non-official members of the Advisory Committee have been drawn from a wide cross section of the patent-related fields. They comprise legal professionals and patent practitioners, as well as members of the academic, research and development and industrial sectors," a Government spokesman said today (October 11).

A number of officials from the relevant government agencies also sit on the Committee. They include the Director of Intellectual Property, the Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce and Industry) 2 and the Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (Funding Schemes).

The Committee will advise SCED on:

(1) how the Administration should position our patent system, having regard to the issues outlined in the public consultation paper of October 2011 and the responses received; and

(2) how best to implement changes to the system, in the light of decisions made by the Administration on the way forward.

On October 4, SCED, Mr Gregory So, launched a public consultation seeking views on a review of the patent system. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the system continues to meet present-day circumstances and that its future positioning is in alignment with our vision of developing Hong Kong into a regional innovation and technology hub.

"When introducing the public consultation paper to the media, SCED foreshadowed the establishment of the Committee.

"We attach importance to building consensus on the basis of expert and professional advice from relevant stakeholders, including intellectual property practitioners and users of the patent system," the Government spokesman added.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011