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Topic Date
LCQ8: Measures to boost Hong Kong's international trade of precious metals 07-02-2018
LCQ17: Installation of mobile base stations 07-02-2018
Hongkong Post to launch cash withdrawal service for senior citizens progressively 06-02-2018
Seminar on Strategies and Opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative - Leveraging Hong Kong's Advantages, Meeting the Country's Needs held in Beijing 03-02-2018
Appointments to Advisory Committee on Cruise Industry announced 02-02-2018
Three service providers appointed to provide Government Electronic Trading Services from 2019 02-02-2018
LCQ22: Regulation of vessels licensed as Class III vessel - fish carriers 31-01-2018
SCED: Hong Kong continues to play active role in WTO business 26-01-2018
Acting SCED speaks on new refinement measures for Food Truck Pilot Scheme 26-01-2018
Seminar on Strategies and Opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative - Leveraging Hong Kong's Advantages, Meeting the Country's Needs to be held in Beijing 26-01-2018
Government continues to refine Food Truck Pilot Scheme 26-01-2018
SCED continues to promote Hong Kong in Brussels 24-01-2018
SCED promotes closer ties between Hong Kong, EU and Belgium in Brussels 23-01-2018
SCED to visit Belgium and Switzerland 17-01-2018
LCQ16: Provision of convention and exhibition facilities 17-01-2018
LCQ17: Plans to revitalise the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal 17-01-2018
SCED visits Central and Western District 12-01-2018
LCQ18: Billing of telecommunications services 10-01-2018
LCQ20: Protecting persons joining outbound tour groups of their consumers' rights and interests 10-01-2018
Government to launch design and fashion project in Sham Shui Po 09-01-2018
SCED visits Kowloon City District 08-01-2018
SCED speaks to the media 06-01-2018
Appointments of members to Consumer Council announced 29-12-2017
SCED speaks to the media 24-12-2017
Arrangements for frequency spectrum in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands upon expiry of existing assignments and spectrum utilisation fee announced 19-12-2017
Speech by SCED at award ceremony for Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong Design Competition 2017 18-12-2017
Hong Kong signs MOU with Argentina on co-operation in wine-related businesses 15-12-2017
Appointments to Toys and Children's Products Safety Appeal Board Panel announced 15-12-2017
Arrangement between NDRC and HKSAR Government on advancing Hong Kong's full participation in and contribution to Belt and Road Initiative signed 14-12-2017
SCED attends closing session of 11th WTO Ministerial Conference 14-12-2017
SCED convenes plenary sessions of 11th WTO Ministerial Conference 13-12-2017
LCQ3: Introduction of a mechanism for class actions 13-12-2017
Speech by SCED at plenary session of 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires (English only) 12-12-2017
SCED calls on WTO Members to reach consensus at 11th WTO Ministerial Conference 12-12-2017
SCED attends opening session of 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Argentina 11-12-2017
SCED to attend 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Argentina 07-12-2017
Speech by SCED at keynote luncheon of Business of Intellectual Property Asia Forum (English only) 07-12-2017
LCQ12: Promoting exchanges between Hong Kong and member states of ASEAN 06-12-2017
LCQ20: Measures to protect online-shopping consumers' interests and boost e-commerce 06-12-2017
Speech by SCED at opening of Fashion Asia 2017 Hong Kong (English only) 06-12-2017
Speech by SCED at reception of InvestHK Annual Meeting 2017 (English only) 05-12-2017
Speech by SCED at seminar on "Free Trade and Globalisation - The Hong Kong Experience in Retrospect and the Prospects" (English only) 01-12-2017
Speech by SCED at CarbonCare Label 2017 Award Ceremony (English only) 01-12-2017
LCQ4: Development of green tourism 29-11-2017
LCQ22: Extension of fibre-based networks to villages in remote locations 29-11-2017
Speech by SCED at 2017 HK4As Kam Fan Awards Presentation Gala (English only) 24-11-2017
LCQ9: New strategies to encourage the staging of events or activities in Hong Kong 22-11-2017
LCQ13: Implementation of United Nations Security Council's sanctions against North Korea 22-11-2017
LCQ16: Economic activities between Hong Kong and member countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations 22-11-2017
Agreement on intellectual property co-operation in Pan-Pearl River Delta region signed 21-11-2017
Speech by Acting FS at opening ceremony of 28th Pacific Insurance Conference (English only) 20-11-2017
Structured Dialogue meeting between HKSARG and European Union explores ways to deepen relations 16-11-2017
SCED visits Beijing 15-11-2017
LCQ3: Food Truck Pilot Scheme 15-11-2017
LCQ10: Development of guided walking tours in Hong Kong 15-11-2017
LCQ22: Measures to attract companies located outside Hong Kong to establish operations in Hong Kong 15-11-2017
SCED to visit Beijing 13-11-2017
Closing Address by SCED at 9th World Chinese Economic Summit 2017 (English only) 13-11-2017
SCED speaks on Hong Kong - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and related Investment Agreement 13-11-2017
Speech by SCED at signing ceremony of Hong Kong, China - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and Investment Agreement in the Philippines (English only) 12-11-2017
Hong Kong and ASEAN sign Free Trade Agreement and Related Investment Agreement 12-11-2017
Speech by SCED at FFFRIDAY Music and Exhibition Kick-off Ceremony (English only) 10-11-2017
SCED to visit the Philippines 10-11-2017
SCED meets with trade representatives of APEC member economies in Vietnam 09-11-2017
Wine re-exported from Hong Kong to enjoy instant customs clearance in all customs districts of the Mainland 09-11-2017
SCED: Hong Kong is a staunch supporter of trade and investment liberalisation 08-11-2017
LCQ4: Health risks of thermal paper containing Bisphenol A 08-11-2017
LCQ13: Implementation of Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area 08-11-2017
LCQ6: Provision of resources to RTHK 08-11-2017
SCED to attend APEC Ministerial Meeting in Vietnam 06-11-2017
LCQ11: Regulation of inbound Mainland tour groups 01-11-2017
LCQ18: Operation and management of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal 01-11-2017
LCQ22: Enforcement of the Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 01-11-2017
Speech by SCED at CAHK 34th anniversary gala dinner and STAR award presentation ceremony (English only) 31-10-2017
LCQ5: Measures to enhance competitiveness of convention and exhibition industry 25-10-2017
SCED visits Tuen Mun District 24-10-2017
SCED congratulates film director Wong Kar-wai on receiving Lumière Award 21-10-2017
SCED visits Sham Shui Po District 19-10-2017
LCQ20: Studies and consultations on tourism development projects 18-10-2017
SCED speaks to the media 14-10-2017
Speech by SCED at 34th Annual General Meeting Luncheon of Hong Kong Retail Management Association (English only) 13-10-2017
SCED attends second day of WTO Informal Ministerial Gathering 10-10-2017
SCED: WTO should seek to develop strong domestic regulation disciplines in services and facilitate e-commerce 10-10-2017
SCED to attend WTO Informal Ministerial Gathering in Morocco 09-10-2017
SCED speaks to the media 06-10-2017
SCED to attend WTO Informal Ministerial Gathering in Morocco 06-10-2017