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Working Group on
Manufacturing Industries,
Innovative Technology, and
Cultural and Creative Industries
Living our dreams.
Hong Kong: start up!


  1. To consider industries, including traditional industries, which Hong Kong has a competitive advantage (e.g. environment industry, supply chain management, data centre, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals) and the support required from the Government, e.g. whether there is a need to set aside more land and to better target R&D funding.
  2. On cultural and creative industries, to consider how we may further promote Hong Kong’s design industry and strengthen Hong Kong’s role in the art trade (e.g. staging of ArtHK).
Mr Victor Lo Chung-wing
  • Professor John Chai Yat-chiu
  • Professor Philip Chan Ching-ho
  • Ms Karen Chan Ka-yin
  • Ms Bonnie Chan Tak-chi
  • Dr Clement Chen Cheng-jen
  • Professor Daniel Cheng Man-chung
  • Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping
  • Mr Crucindo Hung Cho-sing
  • Mr Ko Chi-sum
  • Ms Edith Law Ho-yan
  • Mr Maurice Lee Wai-man
  • Dr Humphrey Leung Kwong-wai
  • The Hon Andrew Liao Cheung-sing
  • Mr William Lim Ooi-lee
  • Mr Irons Sze
  • Professor Eric Yim Chi-ming
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary for Innovation and Technology
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
(Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch)
23/F, West Wing,
Central Government Offices,
2 Tim Mei Avenue,
Tamar, Hong Kong