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Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board

Appeal No. 28

Hong Kong CSL Limited and New World PCS Limited v The Telecommunications Authority

Date of appeal : 6 June 2008
Appellant : Hong Kong CSL Limited and New World PCS Limited
Nature of appeal : Against the decision of the Telecommunications Authority dated 23 May 2008 that, by virtue of the operation of Special Condition 3.4(b) of fixed carrier licence No. 050, the subject application for revision of the fixed-mobile interconnection charge tariff was deemed to be approved.
Hearings : The Appeal Board conducted a hearing on 23 August 2008 to hear the joint Stay Application of the Appellants for Appeal Nos. 27 and 28 (Conjoined) to suspend the operation of the tariff increases payable by mobile network operators to fixed carrier PCCW-HKT Ltd. The Application was not granted. The Decision of the Appeal Board dated 29 September 2008 is attached.
Outcome of Appeal : Appeal was withdrawn on 27 August 2009.