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Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board

Appeal No. 4

PCCW - HKT Telephone Ltd v The Telecommunications Authority

Date of appeal : 28 June 2002
Appellant : PCCW - HKT Telephone Ltd
Nature of appeal : Against the Decision of the Telecommunications Authority (TA) dated 14 June 2002 whereby the TA disapproved the Appellant's application dated 16 May 2002 made in accordance with General Condition 21 of the Fixed Telecommunications Network Services Licence granted by the TA to the Appellant proposing a revision to its published tariff concerning a promotion to be offered to residents moving into 14 specified newly built housing estates.
Hearings : Hearing on the appeal held on 21, 22, 24 to 27 March 2003.
Outcome of appeal : The Judgement of the Appeal Board dated 15 August 2003 was published on 3 October 2003. Appeal was allowed and the TA's decision was quashed.